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The two Atom bombs killed about two hundred thousand people. This is about the same as two conventional thousand plane raids. After they were dropped the war ended. If we had invaded instead, it was estimated that *at least* one hundred thousand American soldiers would have been killed and one million Japanese would have been killed. The atom bombs saved many lives. Michael Montagne

2005-03-10 04:39:31
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Why did Truman want to avoid Japan?

He wanted to avoid an invasion of Japan.

What where casualty estimates for the invasion of Japan?

See "The Planned Invasion of Japan: Bibliography of works by D. M. Giangreco" at .

What impact did the Japanese invasion have upon Japan and its people?

the leaders were very angre with the invasion of manchuria!

What helped to protect Japan from invasion?

During the early part of World War Two, the distance of Japan was so far from the US that the Pacific Ocean protected Japan from invasion. The Chinese had no chance to invade Japan and the USSR had an agreement not to engage in combat until the very last days before Japan's surrender.

What help protect japan from invasion?

The sea around it.

How long was the invasion on japan during the war?


Did the sea around japan help protect them from invasion?

In the past, the sea around Japan helped to protect them from invasion. However, after the USA developed the atom bomb, the difficulty of invading Japan influenced them to drop the atom bomb.

What did the dropping of the atomic bomb prevent?

It prevented a conventional invasion of Japan itself and the casualties that would have accompanied that invasion.

Why did the kamikaze or divine wind do for japan?

It stopped a Mongolian invasion.!

Was there any evidence that Japan was going to surrender before the atomic bomb?

No, in fact they were preparing for an invasion of mainland Japan.

Why were Mongols unable to conquer Japan?

Their invasion fleet was wrecked by a tsunami.

Who governed japan following the allied invasion in World War 2?


Pacific general who gave grave estimates on an invasion of japan?


What famous events that happened in Alaska?

The WWII invasion of Alaska by Japan.

What was united states response to Japan's invasion of Manchuria?

japan won it

What are the benefits of Japan being an island?

its independent

What was the name of one of the islands that would be used as a staging area for the possible invasion of japan?

The capture of the island of Okinawa in the summer of 1945 provided the U.S. with a large place to begin the staging of an invasion into Japan.

Why should you drop the atomic bomb to defeat japan?

Because Japan refused to surrender. Japan did not believe in surrender. They felt every Japanese person, men women children, civilian, military should die to save the emperor. It was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the invasion of Japan. The invasion of Japan would have killed a lot more people than the two atomic bombs did. Japan surrendered after Nagasaki was bombed. It was the lesser of two evils and saved countless Allied and Japanese lives. There was No other way other than invasion to defeat Japan.

What would happen if the US didn't drop the atomic bombs on japan?

Operaton Olympic would have occurred. The invasion of Japan.

How families are changing in japan?

Many women are currently opting to raise children as opposed in a family setup in Japan.

Who is general MacArther?

Pacific general who gave grave estimates on an invasion of Japan.

Did Japan's military launch an invasion on Manchuria?

Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 .

What was the estimated number of Allied casualties from a land invasion of Japan?

1,000,000 men

What island did allies catch in order to have a launching base for an invasion on japan?


Why did japan leave league of nations?

Criticism of her invasion and occupation of China and Manchuria