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Norton Commando Engines at the End of Production in 1976 was 850 cc. Triumph Boniville Engines at end of Production in 1984 was 750cc.

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What is sold by Norton Motorcycles in the UK?

The United Kingdom company Norton Motorcycles specializes in the sale of specific motorcycles. These include the Commando brand, which has three models: The 961 SF, 961 Cafe Racer, and 961 Sport.

What engine operates using a three sided metal rotor instead of the traditional piston and cylinder arrangement?

The three sided rotary engine is a Wankel engine. The engines were used in Mazda cars, as well as some Norton motorcycles.

What Keanu Reeves like?

Shakespeare and fine Bordeaux wine. And 1970's Norton Commando motorcycles.

Who is Matt Capri?

Is the owner of Southbay Triumph & Southbay Norton & holder of several land speed records

Where is the biggest car boot sale in Brighton?

Midsomer Norton

What are the names of the people that signed for the government loan for meriden motorcycles cooperative?

The original owners of norton / villiers / triumph etc, failed to reinvest (unlike the japanese) this led to dependency on old technology leading to sales losses and eventually they passed the problems on to the workers coperative but not in time for them to turn it around, ref. some early Turner designs for what might have been . . . . .

Did triumph produce a ridged frame?

Short answer is Yes but it was in the 1940's They went from Ridged to sprung hub to swinging arm Early swinging are frames were not to good hence the rise of the Triton (Triumph engine in a Norton Feather bed frame

How do you build a Triton bike?

Grab a Norton featherbed frame (If you can find one), Jam a Triumph motor inside. Wham-Bam-thank you Ma'am. You got your self a Triton, The rest is up to you.

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What brand bike did evel knievel ride?

Evel jumped on several different makes and models of motorcycles during his career. His first public jump over a box of rattlesnakes and a mountain lion in 1965 was on a Honda. In 1966 he used a Norton Atlas 750. 1967-69 Triumph Bonneville 650 1969-70 American Eagle (Laverda) 750 1970-77 Harley-Davidson XR750 The H-D XR750 is a factory built flat track racing bike, not a street bike.

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