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Describe the conditions Europe and Asia faced following WW2

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Q: What were the conditions that Europe and Asia faced after World War 2?
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Is Europe bigger than Asia?

Asia is the largest of the seven continents in the world, while Europe is next to the smallest continent. Russia is the largest country in the world, with part of their country in both Asia and Europe.

What was conditions like for German army in World War 2?

The Conditions faced by German military personnel during WWII varied bay where they were. Those on Western Europe (France, Italy, Poland, Norway) were very good up till; the end However those troops fighting in Eastern Europe /Western Asia (Russia) were terrible, limited good food. Equipment maintenance and supply were limited. The German Army overextended itself too far into Russia. The Troops in Africa were faced with deteriorating conditions through the war.

Was Asia Europe?

No. Asia is the largest continent of the world. It has never been a part of Europe.

Is Russia the world's largest country in both Europe and Asia?

In Europe it is and in Asia it also is

Does Russian belongs to Asia or Europe?

***Russia, and part is in Europe and part in is Asia

Is Europe larger or smaller than Asia on a world map?

Asia is larger than Europe.

What nations were on russias western border after world war 1?

Europe, Asia,Africa

What direction is Asia from Europe?

No, if you look at a world map you will see that Europe is WEST of Asia

Where is the neanderthal's habitat?

Europe and Asia. They were adapted to cold conditions. also known as dylan

Is Russia the biggest continent in the world?

No, Russia is the largest country by land area in the world, but it spans across both Asia and Europe. The largest continent in the world is Asia.

Where did the World War 2 occure?

Europe and Asia.

What are the Old World continents?

Africa, Europe and Asia.