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What were the consequences of the Holocaust?


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Millions of people were killied. Many wonderful people lost, families torn apart, etc., but we also learn lessons from it =:)


One consequence of the Holocaust is quite obviously the countless people who died in the genocide. British troops were sent into a concentration camp in Belsen after this event has finished, 60,000 people were found being starved and a further 27,000 unburied bodies that had already been killed. No doubt the other 60,000 people alive if left any longer could of died. Another consequence is that Hitler and the Nazi's hatred of Non-Aryans may continue to be thought as a good idea in the future and that may have devastating effect on the world.


Millions of Jews died and many others. Hitler wanted the Germans to be the "Superior race."Many other families lost jobs and family. Children died at the concentration and death camps.