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What were the consequences of the Holocaust?

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Millions of people were killied. Many wonderful people lost, families torn apart, etc., but we also learn lessons from it =:)


One consequence of the Holocaust is quite obviously the countless people who died in the genocide. British troops were sent into a concentration camp in Belsen after this event has finished, 60,000 people were found being starved and a further 27,000 unburied bodies that had already been killed. No doubt the other 60,000 people alive if left any longer could of died. Another consequence is that Hitler and the Nazi's hatred of Non-Aryans may continue to be thought as a good idea in the future and that may have devastating effect on the world.


Millions of Jews died and many others. Hitler wanted the Germans to be the "Superior race."Many other families lost jobs and family. Children died at the concentration and death camps.

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What was the consequences of the holocaust?

about 6 million jews died. ._.

What were the important consequences for everyone in the holocaust?

Death generally.

What where the consequences of the Jews Moving to Palestine After the Holocaust?

they had to move the people who were already living there out of their homes.

What were the consequences of the holocaust for the world?

they had to accept that given unlimited power people were capable of extreme actions.

Did anne frank have successes and failures and consequences?

The Success is Her Diary Failure is the Holocaust Hope that helps!

What consequences did the Nazis face after the holocaust?

They faced a destroyed country under occupation and the eventual reflection on their actions.

Consequences for helping Jews during Holocaust?

Death if they found out anyway or they would send you to jail for life

Why were so many Jews were killed in the holocaust?

Because people did not understand the consequences of their actions. People are self centered and stupid.

What were the consequences for the people who carried out the holocaust?

The consequences actually differed, depending on who you wish to talk about. For example, in the Nuremburg Trials, whose defendants were high-ranking Nazi officials, the consequences ranged from death by hanging to acquittal (and yes, a few were acquitted). Others were sentenced to a varying number of years in jail. ____ Many camp guards just changed their names 'and lived happily ever after'.

What was the date of the Jews Holocaust?

there is no 'jews holocaust' look for the dates of the Holocaust

Photos of the holocaust?

There are many photos of the Holocaust. You can google Holocaust and click on "images" to find pictures of the Holocaust.

What consequences were there from the rise of the Nazis?

Important consequences included these: * Germany began rearming on a vast scale. * The Nazis, using the injustices of the Treaty of Versailles as an excuse, embarked on a policy of boundless expansion in Europe. This made war practically inevitable. * The adoption of policies that culminated in the Holocaust, though this was not obvious in the early years.

What was Hitler's view on the Holocaust?

He approved of the Holocaust and was the one who made the Holocaust happen.

What is Holocaust remembrance?

To remember the Holocaust.

Is kristallnacht the Holocaust?

no, but it was on the road to the Holocaust.

Who the holocaust is?

The Holocaust is a concept not a person.

Did holocaust have families?

Holocaust was not a person

When did the holocaust begin?


What were the consequences for what the gestapo did?

Many Nazis have been found guilty of war crimes and have been either executed or imprisoned. Germany itself has paid massive reparations to many of its victims. Beyond that, the consequences of the Holocaust include a profound change in the way many people think about the issues of racism, nationalism, and international politics.

When were Holocaust victims saved?

Generally they would have been saved during the Holocaust, assuming that you are asking when Holocaust victims were saved from the Holocaust.

Why is the Holocaust recalled with such horror?

The Holocaust was horrific ... Google "Holocaust Pictures" and see for your self.

Why is the Holocaust in capitals?

Holocaust is capatalized because it is a major event in history. It is a title, The Holocaust.

What is one aspect of the holocaust?

One aspect of the Holocaust is murder, there was a lot of killing in the Holocaust.

Who took the footage the holocaust?

There is little footage of the Holocaust itself, the series 'Holocaust' was a dramatisation.

Why did the holocaust die in the holocaust?

That's a lie, I just did a research paper on it. 6 million people died in the Holocaust.