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What were the early forms of African music?

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it means for you to shut up

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Which civilization did NOT play a significant role in shaping the early music of the Christian church?

the African christians did not have a music system for early Christianity.

African-American music forms the roots of which of these popular American musical styles?

ragtime, blues, and jazz

What is the sentence proper adjective for African?

Example sentences for the adjective African: The African continent is home to many cultures. I enjoy many forms of African music.

What is the most famous form of early African-American Music?

gospel music. negro spirituals.

Why is African music played?

African music is played because, in tribes, they have diffrent calls in their music to identifiy the different tribes. No two tribes calls are the same. They also play their music to please the spirits and also at important occasions. But some forms of African music especialy the drum, is used for (in ancient times) communication.

Where did African music originate?

African music originated from African people

What is west African music called?

African music.

The early twentieth century style that sought to revive certain principles and forms of earlier music was?


Where does African music come from?

African music is obivously from Africa.

What is African fusion music?

its music played on the African drum

How has African music influenced modern music today?

The single most area in which African music influenced modern music is with the use of drums.Rock'n'Roll rythmns as we know them today have been used for centuries in African tribal dance use.If you were able to travel back in time 200 years you would most probably hear all the rock rythmns that we know today. The coming of slaves to America and before that England brought the African rythmns to the western countries.Largely ignored in the early years because of segregation and the white population regarding African influenced music as "jungle music" or "Devil Music". It slowly became accepted in the early part of the 20th century which brought about the birth of Jazz and Blues in America.

How has Blues music influenced modern music today?

Jazz and Blues is music genres that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States from a confluence of African and European music traditions. From its early development until the present, jazz has incorporated music from 19th and 20th century American popular music.

Record companies first began to realize the commercial potential of African American music in the early 1920?


Why is African music considered functional music?

African music is functional music because it has an effect that is used with a purpose.

How was early African society organized?

how did early african societies envolve

What style of music does Oumou Sangare perform?

She performs types of African music for example the type of African music that Oumou Sangare performs is Mali African Music!!!!

Where soul muaic started?

Soul Music was originated in the United States in the 1950s and early 60s, combining elements of African American gospel music and rhythm and blues.

Jazz began with?

Jazz music, a blend of both early African slave songs and European instrumental styles, began in New Orleans somewhere in the early 1900s.

Record companies first began to realize the commercial potential of African-American music in the early 1920s?


How is music in the US influence by African music?

Traditional African music influences rap, hip~hop, pop, and rock music. The use of drums and a steady beat comes from African tribal music.

Da li postoji rec koja pocinje slovima mb?

Mbira, a type of African thumb piano Mbaqanga, a style of South African music from the early 1960s

When was The Queen of African Music created?

The Queen of African Music was created in 1987.

How did African music begin?

it started by African tribes getting together and playing then that stlye of music got known as African music and since then it has continued

Is African music a proper noun word?

In the term 'African music', the word 'African' is a proper adjective that describes the noun 'music'. The proper noun 'African' is a person from the continent of Africa.

What is the difference between African music and British music?

African music comes from Africa and English music comes from England.common sense