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I would really describe the Warsaw Pact as an effect of NATO. It gave further justification to Moscow to dictate terms to its satellite states in Eastern Europe and essentially rule over everything east of the Iron Curtain. If anybody opposed them, for instance the Czechs or the Hungarians, Soviets could demand Pact action and make the effort seem more international and once again more justified.

What about the people in these countries? What was the affect on them?

I say that if one country was attacked by another that Moscow would have the power to strike against the attacking country in an act of mutual assistance. Perhaps this would cause another war. In this case, the people of these waring states would have to fight against each other. This would mean loss of population and wealth needed for the war. But that is all hypothetical. There were no wars because why? No country in their right mind would attack any of the seven countries excluding the USSR under the Warsaw Pact for fear of being attacked by one of the world's superpowers at that time: the USSR itself.

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Q: What were the effects of the Warsaw pact?
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What are the lasting effects of the Cold War?

The NATO , Warsaw pact, Korean and Vietnam war

When was the Warsaw Pact formed?

The Warsaw Pact was formed on May 14, 1955.

When was the Warsaw pact created?

The Warsaw Pact was created on May 14 of 1955

Which Warsaw Pact country was isolated from ther Warsaw Pact countries?


How did the Warsaw pact end?

The Warsaw pact ended as all the countries which was in the Warsaw pact collapsed and left the Warsaw pact because they no longer wanted to follow the communist ways and no longer wanted to support the soviet structure.

Why did Romania leave the Warsaw pact?

Romania didn't leave the Warsaw pact, the pact was dissolved on 1 July 1991.

Which pact opposed NATO?

The Warsaw Pact.

Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia what was the result of the conflict?

the conflict from the Warsaw PAct inavison of Czechoslovakia was .....

What do all of the Warsaw Pact countries have in common?

All the countries involved in the Warsaw Pact were communist states.

How is the Warsaw pact and NATO different?

The Warsaw Pact is now defunct. NATO continues to operate. The Warsaw Pact only invaded its own members. NATO only defended its own members.

Did NATO or Warsaw Pact operate today?

Yes, NATO is currently still in existence. The Warsaw Pact disbanded in 1991. Many former Warsaw Pact allies are current NATO members.

What was the Warsaw Pact formed?


How long did the Warsaw pact last?

28 years 28 years 28 YEArs the Warsaw Pact Lasted

When did Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia happen?

Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia happened on 1968-08-20.

How did the Warsaw Pact differ from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?

The Warsaw Pact protected members of the Soviet Union.

What was the alliance formed against NATO?

That would be the Warsaw Pact, also referred to as the Eastern Block of nations. It was formed a few years after NATO.Warsaw pactWarsaw Pact created by the Soviet Union

What is a pact allowing Germany to invade Poland?

Warsaw pact

Is there a second Warsaw Pact?

no. The idea of a second Warsaw pact comes from Orson Scott Card's novel; Ender's game.

What side did NATO and the Warsaw Pact represent durin the cold war?

US/NATO vs USSR/Warsaw Pact.

What were the goals of NATO and the Warsaw Pact?

NATO, the Warsaw Pact set up a mutual defence organization, the Warsaw Treaty Organization (WTO), with a unified military etc

What pact did the soviet union create in response to NATO?

Warsaw pact

Which of these was a counterpart to NATO?

Warsaw Pact

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What was NATO countered by?

The Warsaw Pact

When did Warsaw Pact start?

In 1955

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