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Desert Shield became Desert Storm when the bombs started to fall. The end results, Desert Shield, a holding action, allowed coalition forces to move from a defensive capability to offensive one. The end results, it was a highly successful operation.


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Operation Desert Shield occurred in 1990 and terminated on or about 15 January 1991 when Operation Desert STORM commenced.

Operation Desert Storm was conducted from January to Febuary 1991; it lasted less than 60 days. Operation Desert Shield preceeded it in 1990; the build up of military forces.

it ended on February 26th of 1995

Operation Desert Storm ended with a Coalition success in removing Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

The objective of Operation Desert Storm was to end the Iraqi Occupation of Kuwait.

1990 (Berlin Wall came down in 1989). Paper work was done in 1991. The best way to remember it, is Operation Desert Shield in 1990 (Desert Storm was 1991). Neither operation (campaign) would ever have been conducted had the Soviet Union been intact (cold war still operational). Another words, the US would not have dared to pull off Desert Shield/Storm during the cold war.

Operation Desert Storm was an operation within the Gulf War, which began as a result of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. The ostensible motive of Iraq was to reclaim Kuwait which had been excluded from their mandate in 1918, but it placed Iraq in a position to control the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. The Gulf War happened when it did and not earlier due to the ending of the Cold War, and the vacuum created in that area by the collapse of the Soviet Union. The two main operations to counter Iraq were Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Desert Shield was defensive in nature and intended to protect Saudia Arabia and other Gulf States from Iraqi invasion. Desert Storm was an offensive operation to defeat Iraqi forces and put an end to their occupation of Kuwait.

Desert Storm ended on Feb 28th 1991. All military activities in the Persian Gulf Region after Feb 28th were part of Operation Provide Comfort. I departed to the Persian Gulf on Oct 3, 1990 and left in April of 1990 so I was in Desert Shield/Storm/Provide Comfort.

Operation Desert Storm is most commonly known as the Gulf War. The Desert Storm began in January of 1991 and ended at the end of February.

it was a war fought between Iraq and the U.S. Iraq invaded Kuwait, its smaller southern neighbor, and we gave Iraq a deadline to remove all their troops. They did not acknowledge the deadline, so America went all out, first sending Desert Shield, an operation to protect Kuwait, and then the actual combat, Operation Desert Storm. It started in January of 1991 when American stealth bombers flew over the border and blew up Iraqi detection stations so that the planes following them could cross the Iraqi border undetected. Eventually, we were able to push Iraq out of Kuwait and end the first Gulf WarThe actual war wasn't operation desert storm. The war was the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq war. Operation Desert Storm was an operation in the war not the war itself

A military CAMPAIGN is defined (dictionary) as a military operation to obtain a specific objective and normally lasting only one season in the field. From 1989 thru 1993, the US conducted the following military campaigns: 1. Operation Just Cause-Panama (1989) 2. Operation Desert Shield-Iraq (1990-Strictly a build up of military forces-no hostilities). 3. Operation Desert Storm-Iraq (Jan-Feb 1991) 4. Operation Restore Hope-Somalia (end of 1992 until the beginning of 1993).

It ended in 1991 because its goal, namely removing Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, was achieved.

Operation Desert Storm (Jan/Feb 1991) was successfully concluded with the ejection of Iraq from Kuwait territory.

If any was used, it wasn't the US. Prior to the end of the cold war in '90 (if it hadn't had ended the US certainly wouldn't have moved military forces into Saudi Arabia in 1990 during Operation Desert Shield); US policy was never to use Bio wpns, use chemical wpns only in retaliation; and the US "reserved" the right for FIRST STRIKE with nukes.

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WW2 ended in August 1945 (Instrument of Surrender was signed on 02 September 1945). Korea ended by an Armistice on 27 July 1953. Vietnam ended when the North drove their tanks onto the South's capital on 30 April 75...completing victory after about 20 years of fighting. Operation Desert Storm lasted less than 2 months, starting in January and ending on or about 24 February 1991. Operation Desert Shield in 1990 was strictly a military build up to enforce the ultimatum (which was Desert Storm). There were NO hostilities (involving US Forces) in 1990.

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Desert Inn ended in 2000.

Operation Success ended on 1949-06-16.

Operation Good Guys ended in 2000.

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The Iran-Iraq War lasted from 1980 to 1988. Operation Desert Storm (ejecting Iraq from Kuwait) lasted less than 2 months, Jan & Feb 1991. There was NO COMBAT in the Iraqi sector (Southwest Asia) in 1990...that was Operation Desert Shield, the acquiring and buildup of coalition military forces to be used in the event it was needed. Historians, students, and people in general that utilize the year 1990 as the start of the campaign are simply trying to lengthen the conflict to make it sound more like a war. In other words they are false advertising to sell their product...making it sound like it was a bigger operation than it really was (they are marketing). Operation Iraqi Freedom commenced in 2003, the over throw of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussain.

Operation Rolling Thunder began in February, 1965 and did not end until October, 1968.

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