What were the errors of d-day?


Omar Bradley sunk 80% of his allotted tanks by putting them into the water far too soon. The Royal navy saved the US from complete failure by coming close to shore and taking out the bunkers which were destroying the US soldiers.

The three key beaches on D day were all taken by the UK, with Canadian help. These were Sword, Gold and Juno which were closest to the enemy.

At Sword not only did the British soldiers land 80% of their tanks on the beach, take the beach with few casualties but they also laid down a defensive line above the beach and prepared for the Panzer.

When the Panzers arrived the British opened fire and destroyed 50% of the panzers and forced them to retreat. The panzers did not attack Normandy again after the UK parachute regiments took the key bridges and thus D day was a success.

The terrible failure of Bradley at Omaha did was not going to stop the British from liberating Europe.