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What were the first houses in Missouri like and what were they built of?

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May 10, 2008 5:36PM

If you mean white settlers' houses, as opposed to Indian lodgings, they would have been log cabins. I beg to differ. It takes a lot less time to build a " soddy " than a log cabin. A soddy is built into the side of a hill, by digging with a shovel. The small roof is covered with sod, with a frame work of branches under it. One tree is enough to provide all the needed materials. The majority of the structure are the sidewalls which are the natural hill side. The entrance and the door are man made. Snug and warm in winter, cool in summer heat, and easy to build with out many tools. Chimmney is a bored hole to the top of the hillside, with a right angle to stop rain from falling into the home. After a few years of raising crops and animals, the homesteader would consider building a more permanent home.