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New England colonies, middle colonies, southern colonies and backcountry

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The Middle Colonies, the New England Colonies, the Southern Colonies, and the Backcountry.

If you're referring only to British colonies, then there were only three. The New England Colonies, the Middle or Mid-Atlantic colonies, and the Southern Colonies.

the Northern, the Middle, the Chesapeake (upper southern), and the Southern colonies

The four regions of California are the desert, mountains, valleys and coastal regions

The state of California is divided into four natural regions. These regions are the Coastal, Central, Mountain and Desert regions.

one of the four regions one of the four regions

the four regions are northeast,south,midwest,and west

Four states from four different regions in the united states that dominate the correctional scene: california, florida, new york and texas.

The four regions on the US are the West, Midwest, South, and Northeast.

I've seen several different categories, but the ones we teach are Coastal Lowlands, Marianna Lowlands, The Highland Regions and the Wetlands.

The four regions of a pig are the mouth, eyes, ears, and the snout.

The state can be dissected into four regions: panhandle, northern, central and southern.

describe the four regions of new jersey

the four regions of the root are root cap, cell division, elongation and specialization

Four regions on the Earth are Torrid ZoneTemperate ZoneFrigid Zone

Frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital are the four regions of the cerebral cortex.

The four lobes are parietal, frontal, temporal, and occipital. Four developmental regions are forebrain, midbrain, cerebellum, and brainstem.

As far as I know, the cow has 4 main regions of the stomach: the rumen, reticulum, sub-omasum and omasum. They each have different sorts of functions.

there are 22 regions in mainland France, and four oversea regions.

four year rotation of crops -1700s

Northeast, South, Midwest, and West are four main vegetation regions.

The torso can be subdivided into four quadrants and nine regions.

the regions in south asia are cold

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