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that gorge Franklin and bengimen Washington worked together and always looked for the good of America

OI VAY! People, if your going to write it, know the facts! George Washington AND BENJAMEN FRANKLIN! Jeez! But, other than that, the answer is correct. Oi...

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Q: What were the good aspects of America during the Era of Good Feelings?
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The rise of nationalism during Monroe's presidency was called?

We call that the 'Era of Good Feelings'. There was little to no opposition to his administration at that time in Early U.S. history.

Who was the best diplomat during the Era of Good Feelings?

President James Monroe was the most successful diplomat in the Era of Good Feelings. This was a result of his Great Goodwill Tour between 1817 and 1819, when he went across the country to sell the concept and promote Republicanism. The name "Era of Good Feelings" was actually coined in Boston by a local Federalist journal, while Monroe was making this tour.

How was the power of the federal government strengthened during the Era of Good Feelings?

Because they were hot.

What good things did Britain do to help America during the Revolutionary war?

about the same as gemrany did to help America during ww2

What were the feelings of era good feelings?

the era of good feellings were the feelings that people ate.

Who were Important political figures during the era of good feelings?

hennery clay and john c calhoun

What president was reelected for the 2nd term during the era of good feelings?

James Monroe is the "Era of good feeling " president and he was reelected in1820.

What were the 3 political issues during the Era of Good Feelings?

Missouri Compromise Tariff of Abominations Internal Improvements

How did Spain conquer so much of America during the 1700?

its good

What was the era of the good feelings?

The Era of Good Feeling was a period of about eight years during the presidency of Monroe. During this period, there was no partisan animosity due to the disbanding of the Federalists.

Can feelings be a good thing or a bad thing?

Having feelings is a good thing:)

Was the era of good feelings an accurate name?

Yes, because the 2 political parties go along during that Era