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What were the last words of Thomas Paine?

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The last words of Thomas Paine were not:

"I would give worlds if I had them, that the Age of Reason had never been published. O, Lord, help me! Christ, help me! No, don't leave; stay with me! Send even a child to stay with me; for I am on the edge of Hell here alone. If ever the Devil had an agent, I have been that one."

The story that Thomas Paine recanted was first presented by Mary Hinsdale née Roscoe, a servant in the family of Mr. Willet Hicks who, when interviewed by Gilbert Vale, author of "The Life of Paine" (1841), reported that she had had no opportunity to have ever spoken wih Paine.

Dr. Moncure D. Conway, auuthor of "The Life of Thomas Paine" (1892)) says:

"His unwillingness to be left alone, ascribed to superstitious terror, was due to efforts to get a recantation from him, so determined that he dare not be without witnesses. He had foreseen this. While living with Jarvis, two years before, he desired him to bear witness that he maintained his theistic convictions to the last. ... When he knew that his illness was mortal he solemnly reaffirmed these opinions in the presence of Madame Bonneville, Dr. Romaine, Mr. Haskin, Captain Pelton, and Thomas Nixon." (Life of Paine, Vol. ii, p. 414.)

Witnessed by Amasa Woodsworth, and reported by Dr. Philip Graves, Dr. Manley asked Paine: "do you wish to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? After a pause of some minutes, Paine replied, 'I have no wish to believe on that subject.'"

Thomas Nixon and Capt. Daniel Pelton, who attended Paine during his last sickness, wrote, signed and sent the following statement to William Cobbett: "All you have heard of his recanting is false."

Paine's executors, Walter Morton and Thomas Addis Emmet, both attended Paine and both testified that no change took place in his opinions. Mr. Morton, who was present when he expired, says:

"In his religious opinions, he continued to the last as steadfast and tenacious as any sectarian to the definition of his own creed."

There are twenty death-bed witnesses, Madame Bonneville, Dr. Romaine, Dr. Manley, Rev. Cunningham, Rev. Milledollar, Mr. Pigott, Mrs. Redden, Willet Hicks, Mrs. Cheeseman, Amasa Woodsworth, Thomas Nixon, Captain Pelton, Walter Morton, Thomas Addis Emmet, Mrs. Few, Albert Gallatin, Mr. Jarvis, B.F. Haskin, Colonel Fellows, and Judge Hertell, many of them Christians, all affirming or admitting that Thomas Paine did not recant.

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What obstacle did Thomas Paine have to overcome?

Thomas Paine overcame his last emotional barriers to his colonial independence.

Who wrote Common Sense?

Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense.thomas PaineThomas Paine.

Where did Thomas Paine work in?

Thomas paine was a journilist

Was Thomas Paine a vegetarian?

There is no evidence that Thomas Paine was a vegetarian.

Who was Thomas Paine's mom and dad?

Mary Paine & thomas Paine

Where did Thomas Paine go to college?

Thomas Paine did not attend college

What jobs did Thomas Paine have?

thomas Paine was a famousphampleteer,agitator.

When was Thomas Paine born?

Thomas Paine was born on February 9, 1737.

Document written by Thomas Paine?

Thomas Paine was the author of Common Sense

Was Thomas Paine an abolitionist?

Yes, Thomas Paine was an abolitionist.

What group did Thomas Paine impact?

link below tells you about Thomas Paine

Did Thomas Paine sign the Declaratiom of Independence?

No, Thomas Paine did not sign the Declaration of Independence.

What kind of leader Thomas Paine was?

Thomas Paine was not a leader. He was a thinker, writer and agitator.

How many pamphlets did Thomas Paine write?

Thomas Paine wrote 5 pamphlets

What does Thomas Paine believe?

What did Thomas Paine Believe was America's destiny"form an empire"

Did Thomas Paine ever remarry?

Yes,Thomas Paine remarried toElizabeth Ollive.

To what emotion does Thomas Paine appeal in the crisis?

Thomas Paine appeals to patriotism in his speech.

When was Thomas O. Paine born?

Thomas O. Paine was born in 1921.

When did Thomas O. Paine die?

Thomas O. Paine died in 1992.

What conflicts did Thomas Paine have?

He was always in Paine for one

How many books did Thomas Paine write?

Thomas Paine wrote 3 popular books

Where in America did Thomas Paine live?

thomas paine lived in Philadelphia then moved to new york

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