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Effects of WW IWorld War I had many long term effects on the growth and development of the United States and its relationship with other nations in the world. The federal government grew tremendously as a result of the war. Government spending increased at a pace never before witnessed in the US. The government created some 5,000 agencies during the course of the war. Many of the agencies continued after the war. Business and the influence of such businessmen as Herbert Hoover became essential in American economic and monetary planning. The labor movement received concessions from the government that it might not have received without the war. Organized labor began to grow within the economy. The incorporation of labor into federal decision-making processes made the AFL respectable. During the war there was a massive movement of blacks from the rural, segregated areas of the South to the industrial centers in the North. Many black soldiers who went to Europe, especially France, during the war, discovered societies that did not draw the color line so absolute as it was in the United States in the early part of the 1900s. Woman's rights received a boost during the war. Many went to work in occupations that had been the stronghold of men prior to the war. The suffrage movement was victorious in gaining women the right to vote. Perhaps the most important effect was the emergence of the United States into the world as a military and economic power.
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women got men's jobs

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It was devastationg

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Q: What were the long-term effects of World War 1?
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