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What were the major atrocities committed by Italy before and during World War 2?

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2007-05-05 13:05:16

By far the worst atrocities committed by Italy were during the

invasion of Abessinya (Ethiopia) when the Italian army used mustard

gas (!) against native African soldiers. In WW2 Italy didn't commit

atrocities, but I have heard it said that some Italian troops were

ill disciplined and treated prisoners of war badly, even cruelly.

There were several incidents of attrocities that were committed on

the Italian population by the German occupation forces. Most of

these attrocities were retaliation for partisan attacks on their

troops. In order to carry out these attrocities, they did get some

help from Italians who were either soldiers or polititians, ones

who were extreme Fascists. Here are some examples. Pietro Caruso -

Police Chief (Questore) of Rome. Executed on September 21, 1944 for

assisting the Germans with massacre at Ardeatine Cave. Nicola

Bellomo was an Italian General. After the war, he was tried for war

crimes for shooting escaped British POWs earlier in 1942 and was

executed on 11 September 1945. Oddly, in 1943 he was an

anti-Fascist and lead his army against the Germans and helped the

Allies capture the port of Bari.

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