What were the names of all the axis powers during the World War 2 era?

Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Thailand, Finland and Iraq. Japan created the puppet states of Manchukue, Mengjiang, Wang Jingwei, Burma, Philippines, Provisional Government of Free India, Empire of Vietnam, Kingdom of Cambodia and the Kingdom of Laos. Italy had puppet states like Albania and Montenegro. Not all of these were members of the Axis for the full period of the war, and some of them were with the Allies for part of the war. Many were Allies, then occupied by Japan, had a puppet government installed, joined the Axis, were invaded by the Allies, had the old regieme thrown out and a new government installed and rejoined the Allies. Some, like France had the Vichy France government as Axis and the Free French as Allies. There was also Spain which proclaimed neutrality while still providing military assistance to the Axis.