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Stalin for the Soviet Union and Hitler for the Nazi's

Armies commanders

G. Jukov

V. Rokosovskyi

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Q: What were the names of the Soviet military leaders during World War 2?
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What country lost the most military during world war 2?

The Soviet Union :)

Who were the military leaders in germany during world war 2?

hitler, goering, himmler

Military leaders during world war 1 in Russia?

Tsar Nicholas II

Major leaders during World War 2?

The major leaders during WW2 was Benito Mussolini (for Italy), Joseph Stalin (for Soviet Union), and Adolf Hitler (for Germany)

What military tactic baffled military leaders during world war 1?

The "reach-around" - it was a powerful and explosive tactic.

What military tactics did the soviet union use during world war 2?

They used tactics?

What was the Name of Soviet Military Intelligence During World War 2?

Verify to be certain, but I think it was the NKVD.

Who were the Japanese military leaders in World War 2?

The japanese military leaders in world war 2 was Genaral Alix .

Which nation did US leaders fear was leading the world wide communist movement during the Red Scare?

The Soviet Union

Who were major military leaders for Italy during World War 2?

The Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini.

Number of soviet military deaths in world war 2?

I believe about 10,700,000 military deaths in the Soviet Union for World War 11.

Why did world leaders ignore hitlers genoide against the Jews during the war?

because they had to focus on the military situation.

Which country had high civilian and military causalities during World War 2?

The Soviet Union. They had a combined 23,400,000 deaths.

Was Napoleon one of the greatest military leaders the French had?

Yes. He's even one of the greatest military leaders the world had !

What world superpower supplied Israel's attackers with military supplies during the Yom Kippur war?

The Soviet Union supplied the military needs of the Arab countries (Israel's attackers) during the Arab-Israeli War of 1973 (called the Yom Kippur War by the Israelis).The Soviet Union.

Who was the most powerful soviet leader in russia during World War 1?

The most powerful leader in Russia during World War I was Nicholas II. In addition, Nicholas Nikolaevich and Aleksei Brusilov were leaders during WW1.

What were Soviet Union goals and reasons for starting World War 2?

The Soviet Union DID NOT start World War II. Nazi Germany started World War II. The Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany with some help from the USA and her allies. The Normandy invasion was only possible because Nazi Germany had the bulk of its military engaged with the Soviet military on the Eastern front. The Soviet Union suffered more than 10,000,000 deaths during World War II.

Who were Germany's major military leaders in world war 2?

One of the leaders were Hitler.

What is true about African Americans during World War 2?

Discrimination existed within military policies. Black leaders continued to fight discrimination during the war. Blacks were not treated equally within the military.

Where did the leaders world war 2 the leaders of the United States great Britain and the Soviet Union met at?


Why most Soviet citizens learned little about other nations around the world?

Becauses soviet leaders needed to learn other cultures due to the fact of other leaders

Soviet uniont president during world war 2?

Joseph Stalin was the Soviet leader during World War 2.

Who during World War 2 did the Soviet Union force to accept Soviet military bases?

No countries were forced to have Soviet bases in WWII because the Soviet Union didn't possess anything. However, after WWII, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania all had Soviet bases.

What were Hitler Stalin and Mussolini during World War 2?

They were the leaders of their countries if that's what your asking (Hitler=Germany, Stalin=Soviet Union, Mussolini=Italy)

Who were the military leaders of the us in the pacific in world war 2?