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What were the political views of the federalists?

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The Federalists were those people who supported the new Constitution of the United States. They believed in a strong national government with powers over the states. They did not support the states' rights beliefs of the followers of Thomas Jefferson. They favored protective tariffs to enable American industry to develop, favored collection of taxes from the states and favored a strong military to protect the nation.

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Views of federalists and anti-federalists?

fede const no no fede const

What were the federalist political views in regards of writing the constitution?

The federalists wanted a constitution to gain more national government power.

What were the political views of the anti-federalist?

The anti-federalists were in favor of the Articles of Confederation as the law for the new government. If the Constitution was to be the law of the land, the anti=federalists insisted on a Bill of Rights.

What were the beliefs of the federalists?

1.Constitution offered a good balance of power.2.Careful compromise between various political views(^_(^_(^_^)_^)_^)

What reason did the anti-federalists give to defend their views of th constitution?

Wanted important political powers to remain with states

What were the federalists views on the bank?


What is the first American political party?

Federalists and Anti Federalists

What Party took up the federalists views after federal party no longer existed?

what party took up the federalists' views after the federalist party no longer existed

What were Orville Wright's political views?

the political views were wierd

What were the views of Federalists and Anti-Federalists on the type of government that would be best for the new nation?


Which party is better federalists or antifederalist?

Depends on your political views and feelings about the role of Federal Government. For someone in favor of a strong centralized government the Federalists are better, for someone in favor of a Confederacy of States with a weaker Federal Government and strong State Governments, the Anti-Federalists are better. Generally the Federalists supported the ratification Constitution and the Anti-Federalist did not.

What were Thomas Edison's political views?

what were thomas edisons political views

What were Anne Frank's political views?

She Had No Political Views, She Was Too Young.

What was Henry Hudson political views?

What are Henry Hudson's political views

What was the first partisan political division in the US between?

The Federalists and the Anti-Federalists

The first partisan political division in the US was between?

the federalists and anti federalists

What are kits political views?

kits political views are that people should be loyalists.

What political views does Marie Curie have?

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What were the first two political parties in the United states?

the first two political parties in the united states was the Anti - federalists and the federalists

Who were the political leaders that opposed the federalists?

The Anti-Federalists, such as Patrick Henry and James Winthrop

What were the political views of the anti-federalists?

The Anti-Federalists were proponents of decentralization, maximum autonomy of the States and feared that a strong central power would become tyrannical and nullify the local governments. They were concerned that the Union government would end up in the hands of a financial oligarchy and a bankocracy. They mainly represented the interests of the South.

What were first two political parties in the us?

many people think it was the federalists and anti-federalists.. but it actually was the democratic-republicans and the federalists

What was the first american political party?


Which political party supported Alexander?


What reasons did the Federalists give to defend their views on the ratification?

There were a number of reasons that the Federalists gave to defend their views on the ratification. The mainly supported as strong central government and state governments that did not have too much power.