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What were the reasons for the February Revolution in Russia?

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1) Widespread discontent with the Tsar and his regime. 2) The effects of WW1, including the role of the Tsarina and Rasputin and military losses. 3) Long term discontent with the social class system i.e. Peasantry which made up 80% of the country was suffering from extremely poor living conditions. 4) The influence of Revolutionaries.

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What were the political revolutions in Russia after 1914?

The political revolutions in Russia after 1914 were the February Revolution and the October Revolution both occurring in 1917.

How did the February Revolution get this name?

The February Revolution occurred on February 22, 1917, according to the Julian calendar that Russia was using at the time. The Julian calendar was about 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar which most of the rest of the world used. For the western world, the revolution occurred on March 8, 1817; however in Russia, it occurred on February 22, 1917, hence the name February Revolution. The following year, Russia changed over to the Gregorian calendar, but the February Revolution never lost that name even though the anniversary of the revolution was honored on March 8.

Who was the king of Russia at the time of the February revolution?

tsar Nicholas II

What brought an end to monarchy in Russia?

The February Russian Revolution of 1917 brought an end to manarchy in Russia.

What was the revolution in Russia during World War 1 called?

It was called the Russian Revolution. But there were two of them. One was te February Revolution and the other was the October Revolution.

Who was the leader of russia before the communist revolution?

Alexander Kerensky was head of the Russian Provisional Government and leader of Russia before the Communist Revolution in October 1917. Tsar Nicholas II had bee leader of Russia but he had already abdicated as a result of the February Revolution.

Who became leader of Russia after the March 1917 Revolution?

Prince Georgy Lvov became leader of Russia as head of the Provisional Government after the "March Revolution", although it is more often referred to as the February Revolution because it was February in Russia when it happened. Three months after Lvov took over, he resigned in and Alexander Kerensky became the leader until Vladimir Lenin took control in the October Revolution.

What government took control of Russia during the February 1917 Revolution?

The "Provisional Government" took control of Russia after the February Revolution. It was supposed to be temporary until a democratically elected Constituent Assembly could be elected and then create a constitutional form of government.

What are 2 reasons for discontent in russia before the revolution in march 1917?

Mcdonanld and Tim hortons

What was Lenin's role during the February Revolution?

Lenin had no role whatsoever in the February Revolution in Russia in 1917. At the time, he was living in exile in Switzerland writing revolutionary articles and having them smuggled into Russia, but nothing he did or wrote touched off the revolution. In fact he didn't even hear about it until it was all but over.

How did the feelings of the people in Russia in 1917 help the February revolution to succeed?

they were happy so it helped

What was Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution?

The "Bolshevik Revolution" was more particularly known as the "October Revolution" in 1917. It is called this, because there had been two revolutions in Russia in 1917, one in February (called the February Revolution) and one in October (called the October Revolution) in order to distinguish one from the other. The Bolshevik Revolution is the one which overthrew the Provisional Government of Russia and put Lenin and the Bolshevik Party (later renamed Communist Party) in power. The February Revolution is the one which forced Tsar Nicholas II to abdicate the throne.

What event came before the Bolshevik Revolution?

The February Revolution in which the Tsar of Russia was overthrown and a Provisional Government established in the Tsar's place occurred before the Bolshevik Revolution.

What was the name of the group which started the revolution in russia?

You are probably thinking the answer is the Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin and it is true that they started the October Revolution in Russia. But to answer the question as written, no group in particular "started the Russian revolution." The revolution consisted of two separate revolutions, the February Revolution and the October Revolution. The February Revolution is considered the start of the revolution of 1917. The Bolsheviks did not start that one, so it is not accurate to say they started the revolution. They did start the second revolution. While the Bolsheviks did not start the revolution, they certainly finished it.

Who was the leader of Russia before the revolution?

Tsar Nicholas II was the leader of Russia before the February Revolution of 1917. Alexander Kerensky, the head of the Provisional Government instituted after the Tsar abdicated his throne, was the leader before the October or Bolshevik Revolution.

Who was the king of russia after the Russian revolution?

After the revolution in Russia was not kings.

What is putilov?

Putilov was a machine building factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Strikes at this plant in February of 1917 initiated what would become the February Revolution.

What leader came to power after revolution in russia?

Vladimir Lenin took power in Russia after the Russian Revolution of October 1917. There had been a revolution in February 1917 in which the Provisional Government took power first under Prince Georgy Lvov and then Alexander Kerensky.

What role did Lenin and the Bolsheviks play in the February Revolution?

Lenin played no part in the February Revolution of 1917. He was living in exile in Switzerland at the time and was actually taken by surprise that it happened. The February Revolution was a spontaneous uprising by the people of St. Petersburg that spread to other cities. Lenin returned to Russia courtesy of the German High Command of World War I, because the Germans hoped he would cause further revolution in Russia and take it out of the war.

What month did the first revolution of 1917 occur?

The first revolution in Russia in 1917 occurred in February according to the Julian calendar which was in effect within Russia at that time. In the western world, which used the Gregorian calendar, it occurred in March.

What are facts about the Russian revolution?

The Russian revolution, also known as the Bolshevik Revolution, or the October Revolution took place in the year 1917. Two revolutions took place that year in Russia, in which the first, known as the February Revolution, when the Tzar of Russia abdicated his throne, and the provisional government took power. The next revolution was, in October, when the Bolshevik's overthrew the provisional government.

Who is the founder of 1917 revolution of USSR?

There was no 1917 revolution of the USSR. The revolution was in Russia, which later joined with Ukraine, Belorussia and the Transcaucasus Federation to form the USSR. As to the Revolution in Russia in 1917, the first one, the February Revolution was not led by anyone. It broke out spontaneously in Petrograd and spread to other cities. As to the second one, the October Revolution, Vladimir Lenin led it.

Who was the czar of russia at the time of the revolution?

Czar Nicholas II Romanov was Czar at the time of the Russian Revolutions in 1917. He abdicated the throne after the February Revolution and was out of the picture entirely by the October Revolution of 1917.

When did the Communist Revolution in Russia occur?

The Communist Revolution occurred on October 25, 1917. That was the date in Russia, because Russia was using the old Julian calendar which was thirteen days behind the date for most of the rest of the world under the Gregorian calendar. It was November 7 according to the Gregorian calendar. There had been another revolution in February of 1917, but that was not the revolution that put the Communists in power.

What were the main events of the russia revolution?

There were two main events in the Russian revolution. The February revolution, that removed Tsar Nicolas II from power, and the October revolution, which overturned the interim provisional government and established the Soviet Union.