What were the similarities between the Congress of Vienna and the Treaty of Versailles?

Both the Treaty of Versailles and the Congress of Vienna had simillar goals in mind, the recreation/resoration of a European peace. Both took place after major wars, (The Congress took place after the Napoleonic Wars, and Versailles after WWI) and in both cases the nation held responsible changed its politics in order to be seen as a member of the "club" (France put the Bourbons back on the Throne, and Germany became a Republic). The differences are much more prevelant both in the agreements and the results. First of all at Vienna, France was allowed to participate. This ensured a gentler settlement for France, Germany was excluded from the "Big (Decision Making) Four" during Versallies. Versallies established a much harsher settlement for Germany forcing them to pay crippling reparations and to limit their military. France had to accept much more lienient measures at Vienna, mainly because at Vienna it was more about putting Europe back together then punishing a guilty nation. Vienna established peace up until the Crimean war. Versallies lead to the Great Depression, and provided fooder for the rise of Mousillini and Hitler