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there were actually 4 continents if the alluetians count as North America then it was fought on 4 continents, because the Japanese invaded te alluetians the 4 continents were Asia, Africa, Europe,and north America

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Q: What were the three continents where the war was fought?
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What war was fought on three continents brought an end to French power in the New World and was begun by George Washington?

The Revolutionary War

What continents were the French and Indian War fought on?

North America

What continents did the French and Indian War fought in?

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Should World War 1 be a World War?

Yes, it was fought on all continents of the world.

On what two continents was the Spanish-American war fought?

It was fought in North America (Cuba) and in Asia (the Philippines).

What two continents never fought in a major war?

Antarctica and South America never fought against each other in a war of any kind.

What continents were World War 2 fought at?

World War II was fought on a global scale. Mainly Europe, Asia/Pacific Islands and Africa.

What continents was world war 1 fought on?

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Why was French and Indian War considered first world war?

It was fought in different continents Around the world

Who fought in world war 3?

World war three has not been fought yet.

Where did World War 2 fought?

Europe:) ANSWER WW2 was fought all over the 5 Continents, with exception of South America.

How many continents was World War 2 fought?

World War Two was present in every continent except Antarctica.

What three ethnic groups that fought in the civil war?

The three ethnic groups that fought in the Civil War were whites, African Americans, and Native Americans. They all fought for distinctly different reasons.

How many continents where battleing in World War 1?


Where will ww3 be fought?

There is absolutely no way to know for sure where World War Three where, or when it will be fought. Or even if it will be fought at all.

Who are the three powers the US fought in World War 2?

The three powers that the US fought against during World War II were Germany, Japan, and Italy

What lands did the Punic war was fought over?

The three Punic Wars were fought in the Western Mediterranean.

What made World War 1 a world war rather then a regional war?

World War I was fought over nearly the entire globe. Naval battles were fought in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and countries from most continents were involved in the fighting. The war was fought in Europe, the middle east, Asia, and many other locations.

What are the three deadliest warsAmerica has fought?

The Civil War World War 1 The Revolutionary War

What continents were fought on during World War I?

Asia, North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa were all involved in World war 1.

The story of Saddam Hussein in the gulf war?

Which gulf war? He fought in all three of them.

What three continents were battles of World War 2?

Asia, Africa, and Europe.

What were three wars fought in Pennsylvania?

one of the three wars fought in pennsylvnia was the battle of gettysberg which took place in gettysberg. it was part of the civil war.

Three wars fought by the US in the 1900?

World war I, World war II, Korean war, and Vietnam war.