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The United States of America had 5,815 casualties and the Confederate States of America had 6,670 casualties

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Who won the battle at Chattanooga?

The North.

How many casualties did the north suffer in the battle of Gettysburg?

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Who were the generals for the North and South in the US Civil War Battle of Chattanooga?

At the US Civil War Battle of Chattanooga, the Union was led by General US Grant and the Confederacy was led by General Braxton Bragg.

What was the casualties of the battle of fort Sumter for the north?

North: 2 people died South: 0 people died

How many Vietnamese casualties were there at the battle of Ia Drang?

South Vietnamese troops did not participate in the battle. There were an estimated 1000 NVA(North Vietnamese Army) casualties in the Battle of the Ia Drang ; see related link to additional information .

The South suffered over 28000 casualties and the North about 23000 casualties at?

The Battle of Gettysburg, in Pennsylvania, July 1-3, 1863. But I believe it was the other way around, with the north suffering the larger loss.

What was the significance of the Battle of Gettysberg?

Aside from the many thousands of casualties, the Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War. It was the last battle north of the Mason Dixon line.

What did the north do after they won the Battle of Vicksburg?

Grant decided on a campaign along the Tennessee River to take Chattanooga as the gateway to Atlanta and the Deep South.

Who won in Battle of Vicksburg north or south?

The North. It was a key battle that ended the war in the West, and released Grant to go to the aid of the Army of the Cumberland at Chattanooga. It was carried out under very difficult conditions and earned great credit for Grant.

Who had more casualties the north or the south How many more did they have?

According to recent numerical research and records, the north had a few more casualties than the south during the Civil War, or the battle between North and South. The south suffered 490,309 soldiers killed, wounded, captured or missing, while the north suffered 596,670.

Why was the Battle of Shiloh considered a costly victory for the North?

At the time that Shiloh was fought, it had the highest number of casualties of any battle in American History. It was later surpassed by Antietam and Gettysburg.

Where there any casualties in the north during the Battle of Bull Run?

Based on the category where the question appeared I assume you are interested in the FIRST battle of Bull Run.In the First Battle of Bull Run (called the First Battle of Manassas by the Confederate forces), the Union suffered casualties of 2,896 (460 killed, 1,124 wounded, 1,312 captured/missing).In the Second Battle of Bull Run (called Second Manassas by the Confederates), the Union forces suffered casualties of approx. 10,000 killed and wounded.

What were the casualty rates for both sides at the Battle of Fredericksburg?

Sources on the casualties created by the Battle of Fredericksburg vary. One source cites 13,000 for the Army of the Potomac and 5,000 for the Army of Northern Virginia. Another source only provides casualties for the North and numbers them at 15,000 killed.

Where is Chattanooga located?

Chattanooga is located in the southeast corner of Tennessee, just north of the Tennessee/Georgia border.

The South suffered over 28,000 casualties and the North about 23,000 casualties at?


Why did the north win the battle of Chattanooga?

Through a spontaneous uphill charge by the Army of the Cumberland, which unexpectedly routed the Confederates. To this day, no-one knows who gave the order.

What did the north achieve after the battle of Chattanooga?

AfterGrant's decisive victory at the Third Battle of Chattanooga opened to door to the invasion of Georgia and to the deep Union penetration into the core of the South. Last but not least, the vital railroad linking the Confederate western states east from Mississippi and those of the eastern front had been interrupted for the rest of the war.

How many casualties did the Confederates suffer at the 1865 US Civil War Battle of Bentonville?

Between March 18th and the 21st of March, 1865, Confederate General concentrated his forces at the Battle of Bentonville in North Carolina. The Rebels lost 2,600 troops, many of them captured. The Union had 1,500 casualties.

Where were the first major attacks in Georgia by union troops?

Battle of Chickamauga - won by Braxton Bragg of the Confederates, who defeated Rosecrans of the Union, and drove him back North to Chattanooga.

What was the civil war battle that lasted for three days and was one of the most important battles of the civl war?

It was the Battle of Gettysburg, lasting from July 1st through July 3rd, 1863 and fought around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was known as the 'turning point' in the Civil War because there were an almost equal amount of casualties for each side; 23,055 casualties for the Union and 23,231 casualties for the Confederacy. Additionally, this battle ended any more Confederate ideas about invading the North. The answer would not be complete unless it states that most military historians do not classify Gettysburg as a major turning point in the war. Also, military historians do not believe that Gettysburg caused any belief that the North could not be invaded again.

What were the early battles in the east and the outcomes of each battle?

(1) First battle of Bull Run- Confederacy Won (2) Seven Days' Battle -North win most battles but also retreated (3) Second Battle of Bull Run- Confederacy Won (4) Battle of Antietam- Bloodiest single day battle of Civil WAr a) union suffered more than 12,000 casualties b) Confederacy endured more than 13,000 casualties

What were the total amount of casualties for the North and the South in the Civil War?

Total dead, from both sides, were about 620,000 from all causes including accident and disease.

How many were wounded and killed on north and south of battle of wilderness?

The Federals had 17,666 casualties of which 2,246 were killed and 12,073 wounded. The Confederates about 7,900 dead and wounded.

What are the names of the battle victories won by the north in the US Civil War?

The major ones were Shiloh, Vicksburg, New Orleans, Murfreesboro, Gettysburg, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Mobile, Petersburg.

What US civil war battle gave the north an advantage?

Vicksburg. No other battle had such a decisive effect on Union fortunes. It meant the liberation of the Mississippi, the ending of the war in the West, and the opportunity for Grant to rescue the Army of the Cumberland in Chattanooga.

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