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Our code is based on MediaWiki (the software made by the creators/collaborators responsible for Wikipedia). But it has been customized quite a bit, and the more we make changes here the more our software evolves independently.

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โˆ™ 2007-02-16 17:11:39
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Q: What wiki software does WikiAnswers use?
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What software might someone use for starting a site similar to WikiAnswers?

A list of wiki software applications is available here:

Why is WikiAnswers named what it is?

A Wiki is a website using a particular type of software that allows users to create pages for easy dissemination of information. WikiAnswers allows people to use a Wiki format to get Answers to questions.

Can you create a 'private' WikiAnswers or wiki QA for your website or blog?

The Wiki software can be purchased and placed on a private intranet.

How do you use wiki in a sentence?

i am getting on wikianswers today.

Is WikiAnswers better than wiki?

WikiAnswers is a wiki, your question is meaningless.

What version of Media Wiki does WikiAnswers run?

WikiAnswers does not run on the MediaWiki platform, and it is not associated with the Wikimedia foundation. WikiAnswers runs its own custom software, that is not at all related to MediaWiki. WikiAnswers is owned by, and its software is constantly being updated to deliver the best user experience possible.

What video format does wikianswers use?

Wiki Answers is not a video sharing site.

Is Wikipedia similar to WikiAnswers?

Yes, Wikipedia is similar to WikiAnswers in the fact that there are users who can edit anything, and that they both use the Wiki format.

Why do you use wiki?

People can use WikiAnswers to ask questions to ordinary people, and answer questions from ordinary people.

What is your WikiAnswers wiki name?

Your wiki name is your username. You have to have an account to have a wiki name.

Why does wikianswers not know anything?

Wikianswers is a wiki, not a person and therefore cannot technically know anything. All answers provided are from people who use the site.

Why should you choose WikiAnswers?

wiki is a database full of great questions and answers so why not use it ;)!

Why is scientific notation unavailable for use in WikiAnswers?

You can access scientific notation on

Do many adults use WikiAnswers?

Yes, Wiki answers can be used as a ligitment source of information and many adults use it

How do you spell wiky?

Wiki, as in WikiAnswers.

What does WikiAnswers mean?

A wiki is a site where users collaborate on information. WikiAnswers is a question and answer wiki, where users collaborate on questions and answers.

What types of information may an individual find at Blender Wiki?

One can find information about how to use the Wiki Blender software at Blender Wiki. There is information on how to install the blender and how to use all its different applications.

Why doesn't wikianswers use real answers?

There are many good answers on wikianswers. Unfortunately, as with any public wiki site, there is a risk of vandalism and unintentional wrong answers.

How do you download WikiAnswers software to set up a similar site inside an intranet?

You cannot download WikiAnswers software.

Can Wiki-leaks affect your privacey accounts on WikiAnswers?

WikiLeaks is in no way affiliated with WikiAnswers.

Who founded Wikipedia and wikianwsers and the whole wiki company?

Each of those is a separate company: Jimmy Wales founded Wikipedia in 2001. Wikianswers is an entirely different organization. The first wiki (a type of software) was written by Ward Cunningham.

How did WikiAnswers get its name?

WikiAnswers was named by the team as "WikiAnswers" as it was a wiki (a website with editable pages) and it was used for answers to questions from the community.

Is WikiAnswers the wiki for morons?

No WikiAnswers is not for morons it is for everyone who wants to find out an answer about Q: (questions) on their mind.

Is chatting in Indian possible with WikiAnswers?

If the particular wiki software supports the proper character set, then it should be possible to do this. Please realize, though, that WikiAnswers is not a chat site; chatting should be limited to an individual user's message board.

Are you on WikiAnswers?

Yes I am on Wiki Answers, yes you are too.