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you go to the doctor for animals if have any fever...or anything... you go to the doctor for animals if have any fever...or anything...

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What are the education requirements for a large animal veterinarian?

what are the benefits of being a large animal veterinarian

What animals can a veterinarian help?

A veterinarian can help almost all animals as long as its in their field. Like say that its a pet then the vet would have to be a small animal veterinarian, or say a horse they would have to be a large animal vet.

Is there a veterinarian that works with large and small animals?

yes, it is called a mixed practice.

How much do you have to lift as a veterinarian?

Depends. A cow veterinarian? or a cat veterinarian? Looking more at large animals (stock), however small animal information is helpful for vocational rehab.

What kind of animal does a veterinarian treat?

pig,dog,bird,cats,and large animals

What kind of veterinarian works with large zoo animals?

I think any vet can work with large zoo animals because a vet works with all animals unless they specialise in a certain animal

What is a cattle veterinarian called?

A bovine veterinarian, or even a large-animal veterinarian.

Can a person become a veterinarian that treats small and large animals?

Yes, a veterinarian that treats both small and large animals is in a mixed practice. However, this type of veterinary practice is becoming less common as more people have either cats and dogs or livestock and the small family farm is dying out.

How much do large animal veterinarians earn yearly?

In the United States the average annual salary for a veterinarian was ~US$90,000. An experienced large animal veterinarian can exceed this, to about $125,000 per year.About $48,178! But this is only for large animals, like sheep, cows, and horses.

How many animals does a veterinarian see monthly?

This is very dependent upon the type of practice the veterinarian is in. A large animal practitioner may see thousands of animals a day working with production facilities, and may see well over a million animals in a month. In contrast, a small animal veterinarian tends to see 20-30 animals a day, for a monthly total of less than a thousand.

What is the job description for a Veterinarian?

Some veterinarians specialize in small animals, some large animals, and some see both. A veterinarian diagnoses and treats illnesses and injuries in animals. They provide well-checks for animals. They perform surgeries, vaccinations, and diagnostic tests. Veterinarians sometimes have to perform euthanasia on animals that are in pain, with no hope of recovery.

Can a veterinarian treat both large and small animals instead of only large or only small?

As long as a person has the training they can treat any size animals he/she wants to. I've seen ones who can do birds and horses.

What is the cost for veterinarian malpractice insurance?

This varies depending upon the type of practice. Large animal tends to be the cheapest and equine the most expensive based upon the cost of the animals the veterinarian is treating.

How long do i have to study to became a expert veterinary in big animals?

I am a veterinarian in large animals, and I studied for a long time. I went to gradeshcool, 4 years of college, and then I had to take a test called the AFSLG (assesment for study of large animals) After i passed the test that i studied for for a long amount of time, i had to go to veterinarian school for 10-15 years. Adter that, I went to Africa to study large animals for about 30 years. I retired before i became one, SUUUCKKKKA!

How many animals does a veterinarian treat in a year?

This is very dependent upon the type of practice the veterinarian is in. A large animal practitioner who primary treats large dairy cow herds may do health checks on over 75,000 animals a year. A small animal practitioner who focuses on companion animal behavior treatment may treat only 500 animals in a year.

What is the average salary of a large animal veterinarian?

With experience, a large animal veterinarian can expect to make $70,000 - $80,000.

How many animals come in a day in a vets?

This depends upon the type of practice the veterinarian is in. A large animal veterinarian doing dairy herd checks may see two farms a day and do herd checks on over 10,000 animals. In contrast, a small animal veterinarian may see 25-40 animals a day, depending on the length of each appointment and whether multiple animals were seen at one time.

What is the annual salary of a large animal veterinarian?

In the United States in 2011 the average annual salary for a large animal veterinarian was ~$90,000.

What is a large animal veterinarian?

A large animal veterinarian is a trained veterinarian who primarily treats livestock. In the United States, the common species are cattle (beef and dairy), sheep, goats, pigs, llamas and alpacas. Although a large animal veterinarian may also treat horses, there is a separate practice type (equine veterinarian) that treats only horses.

What is a mixed animal doctor?

A mixed animal doctor is a veterinarian who treats large animals (cows, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas, alpacas), small animals (dogs, cats, etc.) and horses.

What kind of personality should a veterinarian posses?

A veterinarian should have a genuine love for animals. Aptitude and interest in the biological sciences are important. Scientific learning and undertaking of animals is required. Working with large animals requires physical stamina and quick body reflexes to tackle the animal's moody behaviour. Other qualities are:- ability to inspire confidence in animals; power of observation and self-reliance; adaptability; indifference to the occasionally disagreeable conditions of work; the ability for team work. also get more info. at

As a Veterinarian who will you have to deal with bosses clients etc?

As a veterinarian, you will have to deal with clients and bosses depending on your type of practice. If you are in a large group, you often have a boss to deal with along with your clients. You also have to deal with the animals, staff, and the people who sell veterinary equipment.

Do the cro-magnon hunt together?

Yes, they hunted large animals, which required a group to hunt.

Does a mixed practice veterinarian have to choose predominantly large or small or can they choose to do half large and small?

This is the beauty of a mixed animal practice - each veterinarian within the practice can choose what percentage large animal and small animal he/she wishes to treat. In some mixed animal practices, there are some vets who treat only small animals and other vets in the practice treat large animals. In other practices, each veterinarian treats both large and small animals, trading off time on the farm (which tends to bring less money into the clinic and therefore brings a smaller percentage on commission) with time in the clinic (which tends to bring more money into the clinic in a shorter time frame). Some practices also have arrangements where each vet works one or two days on large animals then spends the rest of the time covering small animal work.

What are three examples of different positions you may be able to get being a veterinarian?

The most common position for a veterinarian is in a private practice clinic, treating small or large animals for clients. Another option is to be an officer in the military - in the US there is a veterinary officer corp in both the Air Force and the Army. A third option is to do biomedical research, either in academia or in industry (such as pharmaceutical research).