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Never fired, probably 500.00 in pristine condition.

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Q: What will a Marlin 3030 Rifle 36 years old with the 1970 Gold 100 year anniversary Medallion embedded in the stock be worth?
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What is a Marlin Model 101 with the 1070 Gold 100 year anniversary Medallion embedded in the stock be worth?

I have a 22 cal lever action rifle 100 year anniversary edition . And I was told It was valued about 500 dollars.

What is the value of 22 rifle marlin model 80 gold trigger and medallion in stock walnut stock?


What is the value of a marlin 30 30 lever action rifle that is stamped 100th anniversary edition?

50-350 usd

How old is a marlin 60w serial 04157716 with safety-ethics-sportsmanship gold medallion?

Your rifle was made in the year 1996,with the serial number that you have supplied.

Why is Marlin Rifle Company making rifle and not sell that cal ammo?

marlin 35 cal. lever action. rifle/ Marlin makes the rifle ,but not the ammo for it.

Does Marlin make a 17 Centerfire Rifle?

No. Yes they do: Marlin 917VS rifle

What year was a marlin 39 century ltd rifle with serial nunber 10006 made?

Marlin made the Model 39 Century Limited in 1970. That's why it is called the Century Limited, it was made to celebrate Marlin's 100th anniversary. Get it?

What is the manufacture date of a marlin rifle serial number p29220?

your marlin rifle was made in 1957.

Where is the a bolt medallion rifle made?


What is the date of manufacture on marlin 30as lever action rifle 13085758?

Your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1987.

How much is a marlin CC440 22 caliber Rifle?

Depending on condition, about the same as any Marlin 70 rifle.

How do you tell if you have a browing gold medallion boss rifle?

You can tell if you have a Browning Gold Medallion Boss Rifle by looking at the stamp on the barrel. It lists the model of the rifle as well as its serial number.

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