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It can be any cost depending on the shop, material etc..
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How much does a wedding ceremony cost?

Wedding ceremonies on average cost about $600-$1000, but this ishighly dependent on location, number of guests, and what type ofpackage you may have signed with your reception venue.

What is the average cost of a wedding?

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $26,000.00 as of 2007. In the UK the average money spent on a wedding is £11,000.

What was the average cost of a wedding in 1991?

It is hard to put an average price on a wedding due to the factthey are always completely different, however 8000 is on the higherrange from 1991. It is safe to say the price has increaseddramatically.

How much does a nice wedding cost?

What's your definition of a "nice wedding "? If you think getting married in a gym is nice then you'll probably be happy with a $10,000 or less wedding. If you think getting married in a downtown hotel makes a wedding nice then you may struggle to keep the total price tag underneath $15,000 -20,000 ( Full Answer )

How much does a wedding cost?

For a normal wedding where there is is the bride; groom; maid of honor; bridesmaids; best man and ushers and a reception afterward it can cost $15,000 to $20,000 and with inflation going up at the present time you can add on another 10 - 20 percent. A couple can still have a lovely wedding and do ( Full Answer )

What is the normal cost of an organist for a wedding?

It depends upon what part of the country, the size of the church, the skill of the organist, whether a choir or singers are to be performing too. In some areas of the UK, you could probably still end up paying as little as £40, though for a professional organist at a large London church, fees wou ( Full Answer )

How much does a wedding dress cost?

It could be high more than $4000 and low as$100~300. It depends your choice. For those higher you could goAmanda Wakeley; Jenny Packham; Vera Wang; For the lower you couldgo AdasBridal. Just my opinions.

How much costs a wedding ring?

Anywhere from $200 to $2000 - depends on metal and whether you will have diamonds or not. . Answer . If the couple doesn't have much money then it's just fine to buy a nice ring that is considered Costume Jewelry (not real stones, but no one could tell the difference if they saw it) and Austria ( Full Answer )

Cost of a wedding?

On a cheap side with food and a hall for about 40 people you can look at $2000 Then very fancy with all the food , drinks and a very nice wedding hall with djs etc.. $10,000 and up...

Wedding ring cost?

Wedding rings and engagement rings vary in price and is heavilydependent on the diamond that you purchase. Average bands/settings(which only include the gold/silver/platinum), usually cost around$1500. Research the cut, clarity, colour and carat diamond that youwant and ask your local jeweller for a ( Full Answer )

What is the cost of the bar bill for a wedding?

The cost of a bar bill is determined by the wedding party. Thebride can tell the company her budget and the company will makesure that the wedding doesn't exceed that budget.

Cost of wedding 1989?

The average cost of a wedding 1989 was $5,000. Of course, theactual cost depended on the wedding size and how much the bride'sfamily wanted to spend.

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

It all depends. In this industry you get what you pay for. Here in Toronto the average wedding packages range between $2000-$4000 by reputable wedding studios.

How much should a wedding cost?

This depends entirely upon the couple's individual tastes. It could be as cheap as $500 to over $1 million.

How much can weddings cost?

well a wedding can cost any thing from 2000 to millions it just depends on how big you want your wedding and how much you want at your wedding. let me tell you my friends wedding cost 50'000 but i wanted a small wedding and it cost me 4'000. satisfied??? . any thing from 2000 to millions it jus ( Full Answer )

How much does a wedding DJ cost?

Wedding Dj/MC teams run about $1000 - $2000 depending on what part of the country you reside in. toward the coasts the price goes up $1500 plus. These are professional DJ Prices not uninsured under cutters or hobbyists - these start at $250 and will certainly ruin your reception...if they show up ( Full Answer )

How much does a winter coat cost?

Depends! What store you go to? I went to T.J Max to get mine and it was $50 dallors. There's a hint: Wait for really good sales.

How much do weddings cost?

The average cost of a wedding is approximately $27,000, but this is based upon many factors such as location and features. A good visual display of this can be found at the website below: http://jennlanedesign.com/wedding-budget-calculator.php

What are average wedding costs?

The average wedding in the US costs $27,000, but can vary dependent upon many factors. The average wedding that includes limo, honeymoon, reception, ceremony, etc.. can cost around $36,000. This number is very dependent upon number of guests and the choices that the bride and groom make. Source: ( Full Answer )

How much do wedding photographers cost?

Well recently Ihired Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer who did afabulous job and charged me with a very reasonable price.

How much does a mink coat cost?

A mink coat can cost anywhere forn 1,500 to 9,000 American dollars. Length of coat, quality, and color matter when shopping for a mink coat. i said stole not coat

Cost Asphalt top coat?

This question is too specific as roads would be less expensive than a drive because of the quantity. However assuming the question was based on a driveway it should be about $.85 to 1.25 per square foot. Once the base coat on your driveway has been applied it is best to give it time to set up perha ( Full Answer )

How much does wedding caterer cost?

The average cost of a wedding caterer is very dependent upon the number of guests you will be having and the venue and state your wedding will be located. For example the average wedding caterer cost for 200 people in califronia is $12,000. While the average cost for 150 people is $9,000. You can us ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost for alcohol for a wedding?

This of course depends on many factors. The two most important one being how many guests will attend and will you be covering part of or the entire tab. For a wedding of 150 guests your alcohol bill on average would cost $1600, for $100 people $1000. Of course your wedding venue may charge you a dif ( Full Answer )

How much does a wedding officiator cost?

On average a wedding officiator costs around $200. This will vary slightly depending upon the service you use. Many religious officiators have no charge and will generally perform for donations only. Source: http://jennlanedesign.com/wedding-budget-calculator.php

What is the normal cost of a wedding reception?

The national average cost for a wedding is around $28,000 - although that will vary based on where you live (urban areas tend to be more costly than rural ones, and weddings in the northeast and west coast tend to be more expensive than weddings in the southeast and midwest). That said, you can e ( Full Answer )

What was the average cost of a wedding in 1996?

I got married in 1995, and ours cost around $10,000. We had about twenty-five people total, including the wedding party and musicians. We were not extravagant at all (used a string quartet from a university, simple flowers, small inn instead of a banquet hall, etc.).

What is the average cost of a wedding in the US?

It depends how fancy you want your wedding. If you just want to get married and be done with it, it costs the price of a marriage license and officiant's fee in your state (all are different).

How much do wedding pictures cost?

Anywhere from getting a cousin to do it for free, like what my sister did, to a $5,000 professional like my brother. I wanted good quality without blowing my budget and found a 3-in-1 deal, photographer+video+DJ for $3,000. It was the most expensive part of my otherwise frugal wedding. However, I wa ( Full Answer )

How much will a coat cost?

depends on wat brand u want. lyk if u want DC if will be $50-$60. ~Dianna xoxo

How much does a venue cost for a wedding?

The cost for your venue can vary wildly, from a few hundred dollars - Say your local church and reception hall of which you are a member, to tens of thousands of dollars for say the weekend rental of an entire hilltop ocean view estate. Some venues are no cost, BUT you must use their catering, bart ( Full Answer )

How much can wedding announcements cost?

With wedding announcements it depends on how many people you are having at the wedding. The best thing to do is phone party or card shops and get estimates. If you know someone (or you are good at the computer) you can make your own wedding announcements and they are just as nice or better than on ( Full Answer )

How much does do wedding rings cost?

\n. A person can spend as low as $60 to thousands of dollars depending on the individual's financial ability. It is not important to break the bank to get a nice ring. It would wise to go to jewelry stores and see what their rings cost because of the poor economy there are many sales going on at ( Full Answer )

How much does 5 weddings cost?

Plan on at least $100,000 altogether. Follow the related link, below, to input your zip code and calculate wedding costs.

How much does a church cost for a wedding?

For tax reasons, churches do not charge a fee, but they do suggest you pay a donation. Sometimes individual churches will suggest their own minimum donation. This is commonly around 500 dollars.

How much does a normal wedding cost?

For a normal wedding where there is is the bride; groom; maid of honor; bridesmaids; best man and ushers and a reception afterward it can cost $15,000 to $20,000 and with inflation going up at the present time you can add on another 10 - 20 percent. A couple can still have a lovely wedding and do ( Full Answer )

How much do wedding invitations cost?

You would have to choose several wedding planners and get a quote from each one. A wedding planner takes care of everything including the invitations. If you are trying to save money you can buy beautiful wedding invitations at any craft store or card shop or, you can go on websites on the Internet ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate cost of powder coating?

sir Please help us to calculate the cost for powder coating on M.S. Plate or Sheet from 1mm to 50mm Powder coating cost should be on per Kg. Please provide the cost sheet for the same regard's commercial @trikayacoatings.com

Cost for a wedding at opryland hotel?

It is unknown how much a wedding is at Opryland Hotel. You mustsubmit a proposal on their website to get a quote. Prices can varydepending on how many people, when, and what all you want included.

What is the average cost of a wedding in Florida?

This would vary depending on the package you choose. There are different looks from traditional to tropical to choose from. It could range for just the ceremony without video, photo, DJ or reception from $1,000 to $1,200. The reception varies depending on the venue you choose. Overall a Florida wedd ( Full Answer )

How much will it cost you for a wedding planner?

Hi wedding planners have their own price. Somedemand high price and some low. Last month my sister was married.To make her marriage special I contacted with Experience LoveEvents which is one of the best wedding planners in South Florida.It provides different themes for the marriage at an affordable ( Full Answer )

How much did the Royal Wedding cost?

The Royal Family has, understandably, refused to discuss publicly the cost they incurred for the wedding , which were met jointly with Catherine's parents, Mr and Mrs Michael Middleton, and covered all the 'normal' wedding costs that any family would incur: the hire of the church, the wedding cars, ( Full Answer )

How much does wedding venues cost?

This vary depending upon your requirements if you require a big venue which could accommodate more guests then it would definitely cost more. So, set your budget first and then find a suitable appropriate wedding venue that could meet up your requirements at that budget.

What does a womens trench coat cost?

A women's trench coast costs anywhere from $50 to $5000 depending on brand, model, when it was made and what material it was made it out. There is no good estimate without more information.