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Since you are asking I assume you do not have contact with a doctor which is very unwise. If you have taken the right dose and not bled it didn't work and you have to see a doctor. You can not take more pills! It can be very dangerous.

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Is it normal to have heavy bleeding after taking mifepristone?

After taking just Mifepristone or also Misoprostol/Cytotec? It is Misoprostol/Cytotec that makes you bleed. And the bleeding can be heavy for 5-6 hours and then you bleed less for 1-4 weeks. If you have this, see below, you should contact your doctor:heavy bleeding from and are soaking through more than 2 maxi pads/hour for 2 hours or more in a rowif you have clots for 2 hours or more that are larger than a lemon

You took cytotec tablets bleeding and still 6 weeks pregnant will the baby be safe?

ask your doctor immediately!

How long after taking cytotec do you get your period back?

It should return within 4 to 6 weeks after the abortion was complete.

When taking Cytotec for missed miscarriage is there a way to help its effectiveness?

You took Cytotec to abort? Or to help the natural miscarriage on the way? If you took it once to abort you should not take it again but go see a doctor for a surgical abortion. If you took it to help the natural miscarriage on the way you should also go to see the doctor if there's a problem with what he prescribed. And no, there is nothing you can take to hurry it up. If you haven't started bleeding within 6 hours from taking it, it probably wont work.

What happen if previously ceasarian take cytotec to terminate the 6 weeks pregnancy?

Depends on when the c-section was. If it's too close you risk ruption and possible bleeding to death.

How long will you bleed after taking methergine?

About 6 weeks after your last dosage of Methergine you will stop bleeding. However, it shouldn't be full bleeding and should just be spotting during these 6 weeks.

You bleed 2 days with cytotec is that normal?

The first bleeding with the cramping goes on for about 6 hours and after that, after the abortion is over, you bleed for 1-4 weeks since your lining of the uterus have shed. Just like when you get your period. If you are worried call the clinic or go to the ER. Cytotec is not as good as Mifepristone and Mifeprostol and has caused more bleeding and pain than the abortion pill. Don't forget the checkup 2 weeks from now. You can also check out Planned Parenthoods site for how much bleeding is normal. Just click on Abortion.

How long does it take for cytotec to abort a pregnancy?

It usually takes 5-6 hours.

If you took a cytotec and bleed for two days does it mean no pregnancy at all?

wait 6 months and you will know

Is it common to have a delayed period when you stop taking birth control?

Yes. After you stop taking the pill, you can expect your withdrawal bleeding as usual. Your next period is likely to come 4-6 weeks later.

How is bleeding involved with ulcers?

Bleeding is the most common complication of ulcers. It may result in anemia, vomiting blood, or the passage of bright red blood through the rectum. The mortality rate from ulcer hemorrhage is 6-10%.

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Medicine for abort the baby?

You will get a prescription at the clinic after they have examined you. Cytotec is used the first 6 weeks for a medical abortion but after that you will need a surgical abortion.

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I went to doctors yesterday because I was bleeding and they said baby was fine per ultrasound. Should I be concerned if I have bleeding again today no cramping following?

Ok are you taking any aspirin or Tylenol things of that nature if so stop taking them asap.Try set another appointment just to be on the safe side. Take care.

What are the ratings and certificates for Nurse Jackie - 2009 Bleeding 2-6?

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What happen if a woman was 9 weeks pregnant and she take 6 tablets of cytotec pills?

Depends on what type of pills, oral or vaginal and if she takes them the way she was prescribed.

Why would i be bleading this morining after sex when i got off my period 2 days ago?

Well it being the morning after sex, you would not have to worry about implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding usually occurs anywhere from 3-6 days after intercourse. You cannot accurately test for pregnancy until about two weeks after intercourse. It is probably just a result of rough intercourse that can cause the bleeding.

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How soon after you conceive can you get implantation bleeding?

Generally you will bleed ( 1/3 of pregnancies you get implantation bleeding) 6-12 days after fertilization.

Would taking omega 3 6 9 blend cause your poo to be black?

That observation is often ... not always ... indicative of stomach or intestinal bleeding. Turn off the computer and go talk to an actual doctor.

If you stop taking Yaz 5 days into the pack also 5 days after start of normal menstruation and heavy withdrawal bleeding starts how long does the bleeding continue?

This is happening to me right now... so far 7 days, but it is not lightening up. I missed 2 pills and re-started my period 6 days into my new pack. I am told that heavy bleeding could last up to two weeks.

Can implantation bleeding take place a week afer a missed period?

Implantation bleeding generally occurs 6 - 12 days after ovulation.

Is it still a period when u bleed after not taking birth control?

The first episode of bleeding after you stop hormonal birth control is a withdrawal bleed; the next will probably be your period, 4-6 weeks after you stop birth control.

Can bleeding 2 days after sex be a sign of pregnancy?

Most bleeding, spotting, or implantation bleeding don't start for 6 to 7 days after conception. But, if you are very worried about it, it would be right to contact your doctor.