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Q: What will be the severity of a bird flu pandemic?
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Is Bird Flu Pandemic containment ethical?


In what year did the bird flu pandemic happen?

The bird flu pandemic has happened 4 times in recorded human history. It has occurred in 1918, 1957 as the Asian flu, 1968 in Hong Kong, and in 2009 as the swine flu.

What questions must scientist answer to fully understand the 1918 flu pandemic?

Is it a the flu epidemic or flu pandemic

Is the flu contagious?

Yes, some strains are highly contagious in humans, such as the H1N1/09 pandemic swine flu. Others, like the Avian (bird) flu, are not easily transmitted from person to person. Transmission of the bird flu from human to human is extremely rare.

Is Flu contagious?

Yes, some strains are highly contagious in humans, such as the H1N1/09 pandemic Swine Flu. Others, like the Avian (bird) flu, are not easily transmitted from person to person. Transmission of the bird flu from human to human is extremely rare.

What is the worst flu pandemic in history?

The 1918 pandemic of the Spanish Flu killed multiple millions world wide.

What is worse the spanish flu or bird flu?

To date the Spanish flu of 1918 has been the worst flu pandemic on record killing millions of people. The present Bid flu (H5N1), which has only killed a few hundred people, remains only a threat as it still cannot be transmitted from human to human a requirement for it to become a pandemic.

What countries are best prepared for pandemic flu?

The United Kingdom is currently the best prepared for the possible flu pandemic.

What are the effects of a flu pandemic?

the effects of a flu pandemic don't need to be lethal because the meaning of the word pandemic is that the disease is spreading fast on a global scale.

Is there a vaccine or cure or treatment for bird flu?

Currently there is no cure for the bird flu (H5N1), but the symptoms are treated. There has been a vaccine developed for the US, but it is stockpiled by the government in case there is a pandemic, so it is not available as a preventive vaccine yet.

What is the prognosis for bird flu?

Bird flu has been fatal to people.there was concern in 2005 about the virus mutating into a strain that could be transmitted by people. Health organizations and government agencies focused on preventing or reducing the risks of a pandemic.

Can people get bird flu?

yes. bird flu is the flu.

What countries have had human Swine Flu cases in 2009?

During the 2009 pandemic of swine flu, the viral flu infection spread to all countries in the world-- a true pandemic.

How many people died in the flu pandemic of 1968-1969?

The flu pandemic of 1968-1969 claimed 1 to 4 million lives

What were the dates of the Spanish Flu pandemic?

1918-1919 The Influenza Pandemic was in 1918 to 1919

Is it a flu epidemic or a flu pandemic?

Flu can be both. A flu epidemic is when the incident rate (number of people being infected) substantially what is expected based on previous experience. A flu pandemic is an epidemic that has spread through human populations across a large area. Swine Flu is a world wide disease and has been officially called a pandemic.

What is the difference between Swine Flu and pandemic flu?

Currently (2009) they mean the same thing. The swine flu (A-H1N1/09) is the virus that is causing the Pandemic. Any flu can be called a pandemic flu, if it is spreading to all parts of the world and meets the other characteristics of a fast moving, wide spreading epidemic.

Where did Swine Flu spread?

During the 2009 swine flu H1N1 pandemic, it spread everywhere. It was a true pandemic that was present in all countries of the world.

What is a pandemic flu?

Pandemic Flu Pandemic refers to contagious or infectious diseases that are usually worldwide or spread across several continents. Some examples of diseases that have caused past pandemics would be cholera, small pox, the bubonic plague, typhus, the Spanish flu, and the Asian flu. Flu refers to influenza. Human influenza pandemics, such as the 2009 novel swine flu (A-H1N1/09) pandemic, are caused by the influenza virus subtypes of A-H1N1. A-H1N1/09 is the subtype that caused this recent swine flu pandemic. It was declared a pandemic on June 11, 2009 by WHO (World Health Organisation). A flu virus that becomes prevalent throughout the world (Apex)

What pandemic hit the world in 1918?

spanish flu

Why did the 1918 flu pandemic end?

Don't know

What kinds of animals did the Swine Flu come from?

Humans, pigs, and birds. The swine flu mutated from what was originally a flu that only pigs got. Birds had a flu that only they caught. Then when pigs and birds were kept closely together in over crowded conditions, pigs caught a mutated form of the bird flu. Then because pigs had been exposed to bird flu and exposed to humans with the human flu, there was what is called a "reassortant" where the various flu viruses combined and mutated in the pig to create the new pandemic swine flu, H1N1. See the related question below for more information about what caused the pandemic swine flu. The H1N1/09 virus contains genetic material from five different kinds of flu: Bird flu, Human flu, and three different types of swine/hog flu, the Asian swine flu, the American swine flu and the European swine flu.

What are the release dates for Burt Flu The Bird with Bird Flu - 2005?

Burt Flu The Bird with Bird Flu - 2005 was released on: USA: 11 December 2005

Where did the Spanish flu hit?

The Spanish Flu was a true Pandemic, affecting every corner of the world.

What does the name Avien mean?

Bird. Such as Avian Flu -- Bird Flu.