Best Answer - 24k this is a web site i use regulary when im attening job interviews. also if this does not have the answer try just typing your question straight into the search bar on your internet home page - this will bring up unlimted amounts of sites that can supply you with an answer. just play around with different ways of asking the question. or type in answers for job interviews etc. GOOD LUCK...

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Q: What will be your contribution to OUR company?
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What your contribution on this company?

Please specify your definition of "contribution"

What is your contribution to our company?

The company wants to know what you think you are bringing to them. Everyone should make some type of contribution to their employer.

What is your contribution in the company?

leadership abilities

In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to this company?

When you are asked in what ways you can make a contribution to a company, you should discuss your special skills, and talents. As you list these skills, make sure to relate them to how they will be beneficial to the company.

What is your contribution to company?

When you are interviewing for a new job, you may be asked what your contribution to your present company is. They are seeking information about what skills you have and how those skills helped your old employer and how they might benefit your new company.

Does Gross salary include PF Contribution by the company?


Contribution of meghna life insurance of company limited to develop in Bangladesh ECONOMY?

contribution of megna life insurance

How would you answer the question what will be your contribution to our company?

I can contribute a good service with this company by being a good employee.

Significant contribution to the company?


What is meant by share?

a share is the contribution in the ownership of the company. The person who purchases the shares become the shareholder of the company. He has now purchased the shares and has a contribution in the ownership. He will be given dividend as per his ownership

How can you see if your company contribute to provident fund?

Every year company will provide PF Statement which contains your PF Contribution amount, Company's Contribution amount, total amount and Interest

Is depreciation included in a contribution income statement?

Yes depreciation is included in contribution income statement as depreciation is part of fixed cost of company.

What single most valuable contribution you can make to this company?

My objective of contribution to company is to follow the guide lines of community and maintain the reputation in answering the questions irrespective of caste, creed, region and relation besides impartially.

What considerable or significant contributions do you think you can make for the benefit of the company?

for my contribution to company ,., i give my loyalty and good performance to the company and i give my best performance ,.,.,

What is your contribution to the company?

There are many contributions that a person can make for a company. A person can bring organization, passion, and the ability to multi-task.

How long do you think it would be before you were making a significant contribution to the company as a personal assistant?

It depends on what you're contributing to the company.

How long would it take you to make a contribution to this company?

I just did! So long...

What contribution do you think you can make to the company?

I may first share my ideas with athers

Weighted-average contribution margin?

Weighted average contribution margin is the weighted amount of contribution margin generated by all units of different mix of products to recover the total fixed cost of company.

What are your key contributions to your company?

our key contribution to our company is that how we handle the customers this is the important thing for a company that is good staff if we understand what customer is saying or reply politelythan it effects on our company reputation.

What does the contribution income statement hightlights?

Contribution income statement highlights the variable expenses as well fixed expenses incurred by company for selling goods or services.

What is a super sentence?

to be a part of the company is great pleasure and opportunities to develop my skills in my chosen field and to make a significant contribution in the company and country.

Discuss the relative importance of BOTH gross profit and contribution margin?

Gross profit and the contribution margin are both important factors for a business' accounting functions. The gross profit allows the company to keep track of its revenue compared to expenses. The contribution margin allows the company to track the sale price of their products in relation to their costs to manufacture them.

What would be the contribution margin ratio if a company had a break even point of 350000 and a selling price of 7 per unit and fixed cost of 105000?

Breakeven point = fixed cost/contribution margin ratio350000 = 105000/ contribution margin ratioContribution margin ratio = 105000/350000Contribution margin ratio = 0.3 or 30 %

What significant contribution you bring to the company?

broad background in patient safety; proven ability to get results