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What will cause the brake lights on a 1991 Chevrolet pickup to stay on after the vehicle is turned off?


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The brake light switch is under the dash, and whenever the brake pedal is touched the brake light comes on. If the switch has failed or is out of adjustment it will leave the brake light on.


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you can have your car lights on at any time but you do not have to have them on

It is supposed to be turned on as soon as they activate the lights to pull you over. Most are automatically activated when the car stops or the lights are turned on.

Check the panel lights resistor switch and be sure that they are not turned off.

Check to see if the interior lights are switched "ON" Sometimes they get turned on when you move the headlight switch.

You probably need to check the headlight module located neer the front of the vehicle


Either your headlight switch is turned all the way to the left or you have a defective door switch.

The dash light dimmer switch is either turned off or is defective. jd

Those laws vary from place to place. Common courtesy dictates to dim your lights well before they reach the oncoming vehicle.

If the interior lights in a vehicle will not go off, first one should make sure all doors are closed. Then one should find the switch on the roof of the vehicle and make sure it is not turned to the on position.

they are fused separate but check to make sure someone has not turned your dash light brightness feature al the way to dim

The parking lights are turned on when the headlights are on and you pull out on the light switch. The parking lights cannot be turned on by themselves.

On your light switch there is a dimmer for the dash lights . if you turn it all the way to the left your interior lights should come on , turn it to the left and see if that works otherwise it might be a door switch .

If parking lights stay on after the car is turned off on a 2001 Hyundai Elantra than the brake switch is malfunctioning. The brake switch turns off when pressed in and if it does not work the lights of the vehicle will stay on.

Lights are off when the circuit is open.

if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

The lights on your 98 Grand Cherokee are designed to turn off when you start the vehicle. This is how they are made. Once the doors and closed and the ignition is turned on, they turn off.

If you are talking about Daytime running lights where the lights are on all the time when the vehicle is turned on, yes. Any mechanic or vehicle electrician should be able to wire it up very easily. Even the car audio technicians would know how to do that for you. In most cases it involves a relay and a little wiring and you're done.

To design a circuit so that lights can be turned on and off separately, we connect the circuit in parallel.

It is important to know what is going on inside of a vehicle. The headlights dim when a stereo is turned on or turned up because power is being drawn away from the lights to the stereo.

If you turn up your interior dashboard light settings, then the radio display will be brighter too. The radio dims to the setting for the dashboard when the lights are turned on.

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