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Then World war 3 will start if they started to fight.

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The main countries in the cold war were: Ameriaca And Russia They were fighting against each other!

No. It was the other way around. The country that fought against the allies then switched to fighting withthe allies was the USSR, or Russia.

NO they are not but maybe in the future

To protect against other animals when fighting.

Germany was in between France and Russia and had to divided its military forces to fight on both sides at the same time. Once Russia got out of the war, Germany shifted all the troops fighting against Russia to the other side of the country adding those forces to the ones already there. This made it much more difficult for the Allies to win the war.

check your answer Another Answer: The French and the Indians were allies, for the most part, fighting the British.

Russia was never in the Battle of the Somme. The Somme was on the western front, and the battle involved the British and some French against the Germans. The Russians were fighting hundreds of miles away, on the other side of Germany on the eastern front. The Battle of the Somme was in 1916. Russia did not pull out of the war until 1917.

In the European theater the "Big Three", United States, Russia and United Kingdom and other countries fought against Germany and the countries he basically seized. The axis consisted of Germany, Austria, The Rhineland, Hungary, (Poland was seized but many free Poles in England fought with the Allies), Italy, France, Checkoslovakia, some North African countries, Japan, and other smaller countries in Europe. The United States, Russia, Australia, China and many other smaller nations fought Japan in the Pacific theater. In reality, in Europe we were fighting against Hitler and his megalomania-cal dreams.

We were fighting against Nazism, Fascism, and other threats against general democratic principles, including just right to exist for many people and nations.

Russia fought against Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire.

they took over their land by fighting against the other countries

There are only a few types that are super effective against fighting Pokemon. One of them is the flying type. The other type that is super effective is psychic.

Most of the fighting took place in Northern France and Belgium, that's where most of the trenches were located. Russia and Poland were other hot spots for fighting.

The United States and the U.S.S.R. (Russia) The United States and the U.S.S.R. (Russia)

it is simply the allance was stronger between Russia And Korea then the Us.

You are fighting your own countrymen, Sometimes brother against brother or Father against som.

It's the document signed by Abraham Lincoln which ordered all the slaves in states fighting against the Union to be freed. This did NOT happen, but it helped the Union because people in other countries against slavery came to help the North because the Proclamation stated that the North was against slavery.

the American and ENGLISH soldiers are fighting against the taliban and other mast terrorist groups around the area of Iraq

Gollum from the Lord of the Rings which is a book to symbolize the light and dark fighting or God and Satan and their followers fighting against each other.

A Civil War is a war with one country fighting against each other.

When the Soviet Union and Russia were fighting, their water polo teams had a game in the summer Olympics. They brutally hurt each other and Russia won 4-0.

The Civil War was the north half of America and the south half of American fighting against each other. The Revolutionary War was the colonists fighting against the British.

not everyone, was against Germany. Germany had a alliance with japan Italy, and Russia, however Russia did not stay a ally through the war. America was against Germany because japan had bombed pearl harbor, and Germany was allied with japan. the bombings gave America a excuss to attack Germany. England was against Germany because they were constantly bombing them, and, were planning on a full scale invasion of Britain France and Poland were against Germany because they had invaded their country russia is a differn't story, russia was allied with Germany at one point, this was mainly because they were scared of each other. but the alliance was broken when russia invaded Poland, this broke the treaty between the two counties, being that Poland was reserved for Germany to take over, so, Hitler was determined to fight back, and declared war on russia, russia attacked back, both sides convinced they were fighting a defensive war.

The main countries involved were Germany, fighting against Britain, USA,Canada and many other smaller Allies.