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Unhelpful opinion deleted. It depends upon the state laws and how aggressively the state enforces the laws pertaining to the offense(s) committed. In the state where I reside, the person would have their license revoked or suspended for a minimum of six months (more likely a year), be assessed a very hefty fine and be ordered to complete a lot of hours of community service. When I was young and stupid I did something very similar in Pennsylvania...I ran a red light and was doing 110mph in a 55 license was suspended for 10 days, and it cost me about $500 in fines. I also had to take a written driving test in order to have my license restored...I got a perfect score :) Wise up, don't do that crap anymore...I'm sure this was a wakeup call for you. But really, in the greater scheme of things you could have committed worse crimes...nobody got hurt...THIS TIME...a couple years before I had rolled my car doing 85mph...that seatbelt saved my life...ALWAYS WEAR IT...

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Q: What will happen in court if you got your first speeding ticket at age 18 and then got your second six months later for going 100mph in a 65mph zone?
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What happens when you get your 1st speeding ticket at age 17 go to traffic school then turn 18 and get a second speeding ticket in Kentucky?

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