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What will happen in your country if unemployment is not resolved?


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Well I personally think that if the unemployment issue is not resolved then i do think that we will be seeing another Great Depression. Since our economy has grown and we have more jobs we will be seeing a Depression that only a war will bring us out of.

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poverty and unemployment increases..

Here are some sentences.His unemployment check was late.Unemployment is down in our country.

You measure the unemployment of a country by doing a census. Then you can tell because the percent of black people in the country is the percent of unemployment in a economy. There is 2% of whites in Africa so the unemployment percent is 98%

Unemployment is the term used when people do not have a job. Unemployment has been going up in this country for a few years.

Less people will be uninsured and fewer will have good coverage. The unemployment will skyrocket and we will have the buying power of a third world country.

Why is it only about a country? It is same everywhere. Unemployment is synonyms to negative( whatever it is) so whereever there is unemployment there is ..............

Zimbabwe currently has the highest unemployment rate with 95% as of June 2009. Nauru, a small island country also had an unemployment rate of 90% in 2004. See the Related Link below.

It means bringing about unemployment; causing it to happen, i.e laying off people or closing businesses, etc.

The effect of unemployment actually reflects on the government capacity and economic stability of a country. Unemployment shows how a country is able to create jobs and maintain continuous production of good and services that also pushes the economic level of a country and becomes competitive market globally.

There's unemployment in EVERY country - not just the UK. There are many reasons for unemployment - ranging from skills shortages to cheap immigrant (illegal) labour.

The South American country of Peru qualifies as such. It has an unemployment rate of only 3.6% of its labor force (2014 est).

Haiti qualifies as such. This Caribbean country suffers an unemployment rate of over 40.6% of its labor force (2014 est).

there would be a decrease in unemployment

The 1960s unemployment rate varied from one country to another. Since you have not bothered to specify which country your question refers to, it is not possible to give a more helpful answer.

There is an article on Wikipedia that lists the percentage of each country's unemployment. According to this article, Nauru rates the highest with a 90% unemployment rate.

It depends on the legislation of the country concerned.

It would depend on which country you are referring to.

we built industries more and more in our country to reduce unemployment and also to reduce poverty........

Instead of the entire country or nation's unemployment rate, regional unemployment is simply broken down into individual regions. For example, instead of the United States' unemployment, regional employment might be condensed to just the States.

There is no country called Holland. I assume you are referring to the Netherlands here. 4.10% was the unemployment rate for 2007.

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the measurement of people without a job in a country.

A lack of wealth: inflation, unemployment, <GNP.

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