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What will happen to a person who comsumed a medium bottle of 500mg Ibuprofen and did not get medical help?

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Taking a large dose of ANYTHING can result in liver damage. If the person is concerned, they can ask their doctor for a blood test/liver panel to make sure there is no liver damage. I am concerned why the person would take a whole bottle of this medication. If it was over time that is one thing, but all at once makes one think they are trying to end their life. I totally agree with the above answer, but wanted to add that your friend should be drinking those 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water to help flush this out!!! I had a friend that went to a Bachelor Party and he was so nervous he drank anything his friends gave him and mixed things such as beer, different drinks and one shooter after the other. Since my husband went and was trying to get the young guys to lay off this young man (my husband finally told them "the party is over") and they came back here he smelled like pure alcohol and I was worried he had alcohol poisoning. I had his friends undress him and I washed him down and also fed him one glass after the other of tepid water to make him vomit. I was giving it 15 minutes before I called an ambulance. Luckily I got most it out of him, laid him on his side and sat in a chair all night so he wouldn't roll on his back and I wanted to keep an eye on his breathing and the palor of his skin. People have to be careful how much they take of anything as the above poster mentioned.

2007-04-17 08:47:04
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