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Q: What will happen to bacteria at 5 degrees?
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Do bacteria lay dormant at 5 degrees or less?

Yes, in general.

What happens to bacteria at 5 degrees Celsius?

They get killed at 100degree celcius

What will happen if temperature degreeses by 5 degrees celsius?

In winter if the temperature of surroundings go down by 5 degrees you will feel cold

Why is it important to keep perishable food at 5 degrees or below?

The bacteria in the food will be dormant. The bacteria that causes food poisoning will not multiply rapidly.

What happens to most food poisoning bacteria at temperatures below 5?

Below 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), most bacteria that are associated with foodborne illnesses would stop increasing in number.

What are the hazards associated with the cooling food?

Bacteria Growth When food is cooked it should be above 60 degrees, as it starts to cool it drops between 5 degrees and 60 degrees. This is referred to as the 'Danger Zone' and it the easiest time for harmful bacteria to infect the food.

9 degree Fahrenheit equals 5 degree Celsius?

A temperature of 9 degrees Fahrenheit does not equal 5 degrees Celsius but a change of 9 degrees Fahrenheit equals 5 degrees Celsius. This happen because neither is an absolute scale.

What happens most food poisoning bacteria at temperatures below 5 degrees celcius?

Most food poisoning bacteria can't continue to grow and multiply at temperatures below 5°C. There are some exceptions such as Listeria.

Why should raw meat be kept under 35 degrees Celsius?

Raw meet should be kept under 5 degrees centigrade, NOT 35 degrees. Raw meet contains living bacteria and these will make the meet go bad if they are allowed to multiply. Keeping the meet below 5 degrees Celsius slows down the multiplication process of these to a minimum, allowing the meet to be kept. At 35 degrees the bacteria would multiply rapidly and the meet would spoil.

If jam is put on a bacteria cell what will happen to it?

The bacteria cell will have jam on it.

What happens to bacteria between 63 degrees and 37 degrees?

They begin to multiply.

Does temperature effect how bread gets mold?

Yes. Bacteria breed faster in a warm humid environment. Above 60 degrees kills them, 5 degrees slows down the growth and below 0 degrees puts them to sleep.