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First you drop the car off at the dealership.Then CALL the lender and let them know where,when and how it got there. The Lender will have it taken to an auction and sold. next the lender will call you and tell you how much money you owe on the loan.They will want you to pay it ALL at once. If you are like most folks, you wont be able to pay it. At that point, the lender will likely get a JUDGRMENT for the amount you owe and pursue other legal options.

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Q: What will happen to you if you voluntarily returned your vehile to the dealership?
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Where is the vehile speed located on a 98 Malibu?

in transaxel assembly closer to the passenger side

If you had out of state insurance could a judge revoke your license for a year for driving a vehile with no insurance?

Rules are different in each state. If the judge did it than the answer is yes.

What is gas mileage for 02 V8 Cherokee?

Guesstimate - 12mpg city, 16-18 highway. Depending on driver's input. The only way to really tell what you'll get is to get the vehile, drive it, and test it yourself.

If a car gets rear ended on a foggy and rainy highway and that car didn't have their tail lights on as required by law is the car that hit them still 100 percent liable?

yes the law states that a vehile be operated in a manner and distance from vehicle in front, to be stopped in any circumstance Driving without the proper safety equipment (lights) was probably a contributing factor.

Do most finance company allow you to pay the late payments and then continue with the agreed contract if the vehile was repossessed?

If your vehicle has been repossesed then your best option is to no longer make payments until this vehicle has been resold; which takes place through an auction. Once vehicle is sold you will receive a final bill for the remaining amount that was left over. The final stage of this process is to settle for 30% or less on the remaining balance.

Can you purchase commercial general liability insurance with a suspended drivers license?

I have commercial general liability in the amount of one millin and one million. I never had to show a driver's license. Why would you have to show a drivers licence when obtaining commercial general liability? (unless you wanted commercial general liability on a vehile, I declined to cover a vehicle). Yes you can, the GL policy covers anthing you may do incorrectly while working, it does not cover you while driving any vehicle.

Explain how keeping the key fob in your hand while approching your parked vehile keeps you safe?

It doesn't actually keep you safe. If I was going to come up behind you and slice your throat open, that key fob isn't going to prevent it. Now, having it in your hand lets you unlock your doors in a hurry if need be, and you can hit the panic button, which may or may not deter an attack. So, if you have to get out in a hurry, keeping your key fob in your hand will prevent you from losing time by having to dig through your pockets, but that in and of itself will not keep you safe.

What would cause a ford to cut off while driving?

If your ford quits while driving and you cant get it to restart, try pushing the fuel shut off button. This is usually located on the passenger side of the vehicle in the floor board area. in cars the most common place is in the trunk compartment. square box with a button. this is an emergency switch that shuts the fuel off to your vehile if you wreck to keep the vehicle from catching on fire. usually the only time it would shut your fuel off other than a wreck is if you hit a hard bump or jolted the vehicle some how, or the switch may be bad and need replacing which rarely happens.

What would cause a vibration in the front end of a 95 olds acheiva it has new tires and they have been balanced have checked the ball joints and they are tight what else could cause a vibration?

You could have a problem with the CV joints, brake rotors, bent rims and yes, even a slipped belt on NEW tires. If you have the ability to do so, jack up the front end, put the vehile on jack stands so that none of the drive wheels will turn, then watch the front wheels while someone else gets behind the wheel and runs it up to the speed where you have the vibration. You can also watch the tire/wheel at lower speed to see what is moving in ways that it shouldn't.

Do you need car insurance in Mexico?

Mexican law states that the liability portion of your insurance must be from an authorized Mexican underwriter. This means that although US companies say they cover you in Mexico it is only for phsyical damage to your own vehile (theft, vandalism, collision) and may only be for a limited time. Finding a respected Mexican insurance company to handle this may sound difficult, the key is that they have underwriters who will be similar to US companies when it comes to paying out a claim. Grupo Nacional Provincial, ABA Seguros (owned by GMAC) and Genworth (owned by General Electric) are some of the highest rated companies in Mexico. They all boast at least an A- rating from AM Best. AM Best also rates companies in the US (A rated companies in the US include State Farm, Allstate and Progressive, etc).

If an uninsured driver wrecks an insured vehile what happens when it is consider no one's fault in the wreck?

This is often a means for the insurance company to cash in on both sides of the claim. If the uninsured driver caused the collision then they need to be charged by the police or the party who was hit needs to request charges pressed against the party at fault and this needs to go through court, in the mean while the insurance company needs to be told that they cant proceed until the trial is completed and a judgment handed out by the courts. In the case of one State or Province having one insurance company this is often done to settle claims faster and double end the cost to two drivers or two insured parties. There is no such thing as a no fault motor vehicle incident, someone is always at fault and the police should be involved so that no one gets hosed by the insurance company. Dont settle call a lawyer

Replacing fuel pressure accumulator in vw cabriolet?

I have a 92 cabriolet. The fuel pressure regulator is a metal object plugged into the end of the fuel rail in the engine compartment, on the passengers side of the vehile. If you follow the fuel lines from the rear of the car to the front, both of the lines will attach to a cylindrical metal object. The 3rd connection of the regulator plugs into the fuel delivery rail. So one connection is fuel input. One connection is fuel delivery to the engine. One connection is fuel return to the tank. There also may be a vacuum line attached to it as well. A photo of a regulator is at I have no interest in the photo other than as an explanatory tool. To remove it, you would remove 2 bolts holding it in place. remove all fuel lines and vacuum lines pull it from the fuel rail. CAREFUL..much fuel will spill!

Can four wheel drive be put in a two wheel drive truck?

yes . find donor vehicle at junk yard; unless you have plenty of money and time. ===alternate answer=== It depends, with some vehicles there are many differences between the two wheel drive and 4 wheel drive versions, sometimes even different frames are used! I saw this question asked and answered in many off road magazines and mechanic advice columns. Every time that I can think of, the advice was it would be better to sell the 2 wheel drive vehile and buy an equivalent four wheel drive. The successful conversions I have seen in some magazines and on the street were when someone bought a running 4 wheel drive vehicle, or at least a running 4 wheel drive chassis like a vehicle that had rolled over and trashed its body, and transplant the body of the 2 wheel drive onto the 4 wheel drive chassis, engine, and drivetrain. This is a HUGE undertaking and is advised against, there are so many ways it can go wrong.

How do you program a keyless entry remote for a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder?

The LE should have keyless standard equip. You can be sure by getting in your car key in hand and put it in program mode to see if it has it for sure. Jump in close the drivers door and lock it with the electric door lock switch. Then insert your key in the ignition then pull it out several times in a semi rapid succession [ 1 sec in 1 sec out] After 7 to 15 times of this your hazard lights should flash on the dash. If they do you have keyless. If you do determine that . pick up some remotes and do it again except as soon as the lights flash turn the key to the on position [dont start the vehile. Then push any remote button. The lights should flash again. that remote is programmed. If you have more remotes simply unlock and lock the door with the electric switch in your drivers window switch panel. then hit any button on the next remote. Now that one is programmed. Jsut repeat that last process for any additional remotes up to 4. This post per

Can a SUV be repossessed from a closed garage in Georgia?

No that is called breaking and entering.But stupid things like breaking the law have never stopped some repo companies.You should sue the lender not the repo criminnal.Check for damage and file a police report.Then sue you don't need a lawyer you represent yourself. The repo company cannot "Breach the Peace" to get a vehicle. In short, that means they cannot; pull you over or make you stop while driving down the road. Or, physically remove you from your vehicle. They must leave your property when requested to do so. They connot enter a closed private garage. Remember, the rules of leaving property are different for (home owner v. renter, public garage, apt. complex etc.) Keeping a vehile listed for repossission in a closed garage will help you out in the short term. The repo company can and will go back to the lender and obtain a court order to come inside the garage and take possession of the vehicle. This may take a matter of two weeks to a month. If that is all the time you need to get caught up or file the necessary BK paperwork it might be a good plan. But keeping the vehicle in a closed garage will not help out forever.

What is the average weight of a car motor?

Engine weight varies from vehicle to vehile depending on the type of engine, the cylinder, and the manufacture. The average weight is somewhere between 300-600 pounds. Some engine weights are quite heavy; Cacial V16-1,300 lbs, Pierce-Arrow V-12-1,130 lbs, Chrysler 331 Hemi-745 lbs. Engine weights also depends on the year of the car and if any enhancements were made to the engine. The 1959 Cadillac V8 390 weighs 720 lbs and the 1959 (Nail Head) Buick 401 weighs 685 lbs. Some of the fastest engines are quite light in comparison to others. The Ferrari 312T, V12 3.0L racing engine, weighs 397 lbs. Today’s cars are being made with lighter engine loads, hoping to have some impact on the environment and the longevity of the car. In the end, engines weights will always differ as much as the manufactures of today’s and yesterdays models do.

How do yoiu jump start a 1995 Buick Riviera?

Their is a "jump start" connector under the hood. Near pass shock tower, near belts. You have to open the plastic cover labeled "jumpstart". Hook negative up to bolt on motor mount. Start "live" vehicle Connect + cable from "live" vehicle to + battery terminal on "dead" vehicle Connect - cable from "live" vehicle to good engine ground on "dead" vehile Let vehicles sit for about 5 minutes allowing "live" to charge "dead" Try to start "dead" vehicle If yours is like my 98, and the battery is under the backseat, there is a little black box on the top of the wheel well inside the engine compartment on the left side. It has a + sign on it. Flip up the plastic lid. This is the positive terminal. Hook up the negative to the engine or frame for a ground. This is how you jump it, or put a boost pack on it to start the car. I have been told, never to boost another car with this method. It will damage the battery and/or car. Only boost another car with a Riviera by hooking up directly to the battery. You will need long cables. LOL

Replacement of front wheel bearing 2003 Malibu?

I replaced the front right side wheel bearing on my 2003 Malibu. It was much easier than I thought it would be. 1. Loosen the axle nut a half turn. 2. Jack up then remove the wheel. 3. Remove the brake caliper and support bracket as one piece (2 bolts) and remove the brake disc. 4. Remove the axle nut completely. 5. Disconnect the anti-lock brake sensor from the bracket. 6. Remove the three bolts holding the bearing housing to the steering knuckle. (Mine were really tight) 7. Work the bearing housing out of the steering knuckle and off the splines of the axle shaft. (Bump the end of the shaft with a piece of wood and hammer if necessary being careful not to damage the threads.) 8. Clean the Steering knuckle face and bore and the anti-lock bracket ready for reassembly, which is the reverse of the above. NOTE: My new bearing housing came with a kit of parts including: A knuckle seal. An 'O' ring seal and a new axle nut. I've had this vehile from new and there was no 'O' ring or knuckle seal on the housing that I removed. Maybe that's why my bearing (and a lot of others) failed.