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If guess you mean "refinance" when you say "reprocess", the answer is repossession. Loans in DEFAULT are subject to repossession of the collateral and payment of the balance owed by voluntary or legal means.

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Q: What will happen when a loan on a motorcycle has been defaulted and the finance company will not reprocess it?
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In a bankruptcy do you lose your motorcycle?

If you owe a finance company for it, they may reposess the motorcycle.

Defaulted auto loan and finance company does not want vehicle back how do you get the title?

If you have defaulted on the loan, you must sell the vehicle, pay off the loan you have, receive a lien release on title from the loan company and sign it ovet to the buyer. This is bad situation as most people will not pay for a vehicle with out receiving the title at the time of purchase.

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Can you be sued by a finance company once you have defaulted on a car loan?

Yes, if the vehicle is repossessed and there is a deficit between the sale and the loan balance, (including fees and penalties)and the borrower cannot pay what is owed.

Can you finance a motorcycle if you don't have a motorcycle license?

Yes. But some shop doesn't sell their motorcycle to those buyers who don't have license yet.

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If the primary defaulted on a car you cosigned how can you bargain with the finance company?

If you have cash to settle the account, you have a trump card. Maybe not the Ace, but the lender will probably negotiate - possibly forgive interest and late fees, but not the principal or his repossession expenses.

Can a company that is not a finance company charge interest and finance charges to someone it has lent money?


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