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Q: What world events were happening when the composer Carl Orff was alive?
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What major events in history were happening while Douglas MacArthur was alive?

World War II

What are 3 world events that were happening while Martha Washington was alive?

revolutionary war against france

What was happening in 1999?

world events

What is global events?

Events that are happening around the world at the same time

What was happening in the US while Georgia O'Keeffe was alive?

World War I and World War II were happening.

What important events were happening in the world during Beethoven's lifetime?

The french revolution was happening at that time.

What was happening when Henri matisse was alive?

World War 1, World War 2.

What world events were happening in 1999?

it was pakistans first war with england

What other important world events were happening in the world at the same time as the french revolution?

your butt

Where there any events going on during Gregor Mendel's lifetime?

Yes, there were events happening all over the world.

What event was happening while dr Charles Drew was alive?

The World Wars.

What world events happened when anne frank was alive?

Second world war

What was going on in the world when Wassily Kandinsky was alive?

world war 1 was happening and the Battle of french and America

What major events are happing in Ecuador?

some of the major events that are happening in Ecuador is the water drainage in the rocky mountains that where carried over by the mountain in Colorado and that is what is happening in the World of Ecuador in South America!

What world events were happening at the time Joseph Haydn was composing music?

jesus was born

What was happening around the world when Shakespeare was alive?

Well Elizabeth I was the Queen of England around about the 1590s.

What major world events were happening during the 1600-1776?

much interesting happened

What historical events were happening during the time of Piet Mondrian?

World War 1 and most of World War 2.

Three historic world events that happened when hypatia of Alexandria was alive?


Major events while Edvard Munch was alive?

World War 1 World War 2.

What are some current events happening in the world today?

Obama becoming president. Obama becoming president.

When Vincent van Gogh painted the sunflowers in 1889 what events were happening in the world?

Click link below!

What were world or historical events happening around the 1900s?

they had bad day that time because they had no job and school

What does the word current events mean in social studies?

"Current events" are anything happening in the world at the time of the class, basically within the last year or so.

What were some major events happening in the world during the 1700s?

The American Revolution, The Declaration of Independence, The Boston Massacre...