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What would a 35 gallon gas tank weight?

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Gasoline is 6 1/2 pounds per gallon. You can do the math.

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Assuming the tank was recently fueled what would 90 weight gear lube in a 15 gallon fuel tank do to the engine?

Depends on how much 90w is in there, but a 15 gallon tank full of gas should be able to handle a gallon of 90w without causing any trouble running the gas in an auto.

If gas is 1.77 a gallon how much would you spend on gas to fill up a 20 gallon tank?


What is the gas tank capacity for a 2009 dodge ram 1500?

A short bed would have a 26 gallon tank and a long bed would have a 32 gallon tank.

What size gas tank does a 1994 Chevy suburban have?

It has a 42 Gallon tank. It has a 42 Gallon tank.

One liter is aobut 0.264 gallons how many liters of gasoline would it take to fill a 16 gallon gas tank?

About 60.566 liters to fill a 16-gallon gas tank.

How much urine does it take to fill a gas tank?

Depends on the size of the gas tank. Example it would take 5 gallons to fill a 5 gallon tank.

How big is a gas tank on a Pontiac Montana extended version?

The gas tank is a 25 gallon tank.

What vehicles have a 30 gallon gas tank?

my 1976 dodge d100 has a 30 gallon tank.

Gas tank size for F150 2001?

i believe its a 20 gallon gas tank.

What is the capacity of a Honda CRX gas tank?

My CRX has a 10 gallon gas tank.

What size gas tank does a 2006 Nissan Frontier have?

21.1 gallon gas tank.

How much does it cost to fill the gas tank in a 1998 Lincoln Navigator?

Usually Lincoln Navigators have a 28 gallon tank so at a price of $1.00 a gallon it would be 28 dollars...$2.00 a gallon would be 56 and $3 a gallon would be 84 dollars at the gas price of $2.80 which seems to be a good median at this time it would amount to $78.40

What is Size gas tank 2001 Chevy suburban?

1500 has a 32.5 Gallon Tank 2500 has a 38.5 gallon Tank.

What size gas tank does a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix have?

It has an 17 gallon gas tank.

How much would it cost to fill a 4.1 gal gas tank with todays gas rates?

At about $3.10 per gallon, it will cost $12.75 to fill the tank.

1964 corvette gas tank steel or aluminum?

Standard 20 gallon tank was steel and 36 gallon tank was fiberglass.

What size is gas tank on an Olds Silhouette?

My 1999 Silhouette has a 26 gallon tank, my 1995 Transport has a 21 gallon tank

How many gallons of gas does it take to fill up a 16 gallon tank?

That would depend on how much gas is in the tank already , if it was empty it would take sixteen (16 ) gallons

What size gas tank does a 1990 aerostar have?

You have a 21 gallon tank.

How much gas is in a 13 gallon car tank?

if it's full..... 13 gallon... but if it's empty then there would be 0 gallons..

If a gas tank holds approximatley 20 gallons of gas if gas cost 1.47 per gallon how much would a full tank of gas cost?

29.4 gallons, but for NovaNet users its 30

How many gallon gas tank does a 2001 f250 diesel?

2001 ford diesel has a 36 gallon tank

Size of gas tank on a 1998 Chevy pickup?

A short bed has a 26 gallon tank. A long bed has a 34 gallon tank.

What is the size of the gas tank on a 1997 escort wagon?

The '97 escorts have a 12.7 gallon gas tank.

What size gas tank does a subaru 2003 outback wagon have?

This car has a 16.9 gallon gas tank