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Dimmers can cause ceitain light bulbs to be noisy due to the way the triac based dimmer chops up the ac sine wave. Different bulbs use different filament structure. The chopped up sign wave can set up vibrations in the filament structure. Some filament structures vibrate more or less.

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Q: What would a 60 watt Reveal light bulb hum in a ceiling fixture but a regular 60 watt soft light bulb does not?
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Ceiling Light Fixture?

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How do you release dome from light fixture in ceiling fan?

Disconnect the fixture wires and remove the central mounting nut to release the dome from the light fixture in a ceiling fan.

What is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling?


How do you connect a ground wire for a light fixture?

Connect the ground wire from the light fixture to the ground wire in the ceiling box.

Where to buy a hard wire ceiling fixture without a light?

Just install a cover on the ceiling box.

Where does the switched live go in a ceiling light?

To the black wire on the fixture.

How do you spell shanderlia?

The word for a ceiling-hung light fixture is a chandelier.

How would one go about installing lighting in their ceiling?

To install lighting in one's ceiling you'd need to first cut a hole in one's ceiling to fix the fixture in. The fixture is what you'll put your lighting in so that it fits properly in the ceiling. Before you put the fixture in, you need to make sure the wiring is correct. The wire that connect the electricity from the future light in a ceiling to the rest of the house. After that is done one only needs to put the fixture in. After you fit the fixture into the ceiling one would only need to put the lighting, whether it is a light bulb or anything else.

Light fixture does not turn on when connected to ceiling with power?

Is this a fluorescent fixture? Most fluorescents will not start if the fixture is not grounded. Make sure the fixture has the branch circuit ground wire properly connected.

Installing A Ceiling Light?

Installing a Ceiling LightInstalling A Ceiling LightReplacing ceiling lights is sometimes a required task when you decide remodel a room or the light fixture has worn out with age. Installing a new ceiling light is a simple task that can be done by most homeowners without any outside help.The first thing to do before installing any light in your ceiling is to turn off the power at the circuit breaker. Since you will be working with electrical wiring, you do not want to take the chance of being shocked or electrocuted. After the power is turned off, unscrew the light bulb from the existing fixture and use a screwdriver take out the screws holding the fixture in place and connecting the wires to the fixture.When the fixture is off, attach a mounting plate to the ceiling light outlet box. Then attach the wires to the new ceiling light fixture. Connect the copper wires together and like colored wires together with wire nuts so that the fixture is properly grounded.Attach the base of the new fixture over the outlet box and tighten it up with screws. Once this is finished, screw the light bulb back into place and put a glass bowl over the bulb to cover it. Use bolts on sides of the fixture to secure the glass bowl in place.Once the fixture is securely in place, return to the circuit breaker. Turn back on the power and test out the light to ensure everything is installed correctly.

How do you connect a light fitting?

Really need more fixture on ceiling fan.ect.......

Can you control a ceiling fan with a dimmer switch that controls a light fixture?

not orden araly

Can a leak through a ceiling light fixture cause a fire?

Unlikely, but possible- and it IS unsafe.

Which kind of fixture directs most of its light up reflect off of the ceiling?

These types of light fixtures are called wall a sconce. In is located on a wall usually about 3 foot from the ceiling. The open end of the fixture is facing upwards. This allows the light to reflect off the ceiling and give a more filtered light to objects in the surrounding area in the room.

Can you give a me a sentence with the word fixture in it?

The light fixture was hanging from the ceiling, lighting the entire room. The football fixture was moved to a new date and venue because of the statium fire.

Where can you get the long hex nut from a lamp or ceiling mount light fixture?

Your local hardware store will have them.

Ceiling light fixture bulb wattage?

For safety most fixtures have that info printed on them. Check.

What is the standard distance for hanging light fixtures from 8' ceilings?

Most of the time a fixture will be flush or as close to the ceiling as possible in a 8' ceiling.

Is there a combination ceiling paddle fan with exhaust and light for bathrooms?

I have never seen this combination for a bathroom fixture.

How do you install a light fixture?

If you don't know how to install light fixture, I don't recommend that you do it by yourself. The installation theory is actually very simple - all you need to do is attach fixture on the ceiling (or any other place) and then connect the electrical wires (usually there are two of them). After that it's good to put the light cover over the fixture to improve the appearance.

What is a another word for recessed light?

Recessed light can be called as down light, pot light (canadian), can light (for canister in American). It is a light fixture that installed in hollow opening in ceiling.

What is the function of recessed light fixture?

Recessed lighting is used to keep the ceiling aesthetically unbroken. When fixtures are fixed to the ceiling some architects to not like this as it distracts the viewer from the look of the room. By installing the fixtures in the ceiling, the view is of light emitting from the ceiling without seeing the lighting fixtures.

Which type of lighting is best for a bathroom ceiling?

The best lighting for a bathroom ceiling is a hanging light fixture with more than one bulb. You don't want all of the light in your bathroom to come from a single bulb.

Can you hang a light fixture by using a new work tab box?

Not a good practice. Depending on the weight of the fixture it may pull out of the ceiling sooner or later. Even if it seems strong, what if there were a leak and the Sheetrock became wet and the fixture fell on someone and hurt them. You need to install a fixture made for ceiling installation that is attached properly to something other than Sheetrock.

Can a hps light fixture be plugged in to a regular outlet?

If the ballast of the HPS fixture has a 120 volt tap then, yes it can be plugged into a 120 volt receptacle.