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This will likely be Management Information Systems, MIS. It will deal with accounting principles, programming languages, database design, security, system design, telecom/datacom, and business classes. It's a bit larger world than a CIS degree (Computer Information Systems).

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Q: What would a college course called information systems management consist of?
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Explain the characterstics of management information systems?

what are the chracterstics of management information systems

Where is the focus for information systems management?

Information systems Management focuses on Minimising risks,Adding value to information.

What is Information Systems Management Canada's population?

Information Systems Management Canada's population is 2,012.

What is the population of Information Systems Management Canada?

The population of Information Systems Management Canada is 340.

When was Information Systems Management Canada created?

Information Systems Management Canada was created in 1992.

When was Management Information Systems Quarterly created?

Management Information Systems Quarterly was created in 1977.

What is a popular company that deals with information and systems management?

There are many popular companies that deal with information and systems management. The major one is called Information Systems Management Corp, based in Canada.

What is the importance of management information systems?

Management Information Systems are important because they provide information that supports operations, management and decision-making functions in an organization.

Where can one fond more information of information management systems?

The Wikipedia website has an excellent article on information management systems (IMS). It gives comprehensive information on the history and application of these systems.

The term management information systems designates a specific category of information systems serving?

Middle Management Functions

What are types of computer information systems?

Types of computer information systems include decision support systems (DSS), management information systems (MIS) and transaction processing systems (TPS). Different information systems are applied at different levels of management in an organization.

Is the direct use of information systems by employees in their work?

management information systems

What are examples of support classification systems?

Support classification information systems are transaction processing systems, management information systems, knowledge management systems, office automation systems, decision support systems, group support systems.

What exactly does information systems lesson consist of?

Information systems consist of marketing information and data needed to keep a business successful and good. Keeping records and knowing when they have had good sales or bad sales.

What is the difference of management information system and operation information system?

management information systems are systems that record transactions in an organisation and provide management with information to make decisions that affect the whole organisation whereas operation information system is the systems that help with daily running of an organisation.

What is Management Information System Definition?

Management Information Systems are basically computers that are used to carry out management tasks. These systems provide important information for effective running and service delivery by firms.

Why organization need management information system?

Management information systems allow companies to manage production and their employees easier. Many management information systems warn managers when there are problems with the system.

What are the risks associated to management information systems?

What are the risks associated to management information system

What is a management information systems black box?

management information system black box

What is the difference between management information systems and office information systems?

truth and fabrications!

What is the best college course to take between Information Systems and Information Technology?

information systems

What is the role of database management systems to information management?

What is the role of database management systems

How are information systems transforming organizations and management?

information system transform by improving on organization and management

Dimensions of information systems?

organizations, management and (information) technology

Examples of management information system?

Management information systems are systems that support business processes within the firm. They may include the human resource information system and the logistic information system.