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What would an original glass Windex bottle with metal sprayer be worth?

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On another website a lady is selling it for $5.00

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What is Windex used for?

Windex is used for cleaning glass and mirrors.

What was the original coca cola bottle made out of?


What kind of compound is Windex?

Windex is considered to be a chemical compound. Windex contains chemicals such as chloramine vapor, which is used to clean glass.

How do you clean a glass coffee table?

With windex or a similar glass cleaner.

Is Windex harmful?

Windex is best used on glass. It can be harmful to other surfaces over time.

Which glass cleaner leaves sreaks?


Is Windex glass cleaner a homogeneous mixture?


Why does my GPS window-mount keep popping off of the glass ?

You need to clean the glass with Windex and the attachment with Windex. Then only attach it on a day that is 70 degrees.

What was the original shape for the Coca-Cola?

a glass bottle shape like a lady

What did the original jergens lotion bottle look like?

a white glass bottle with slender neck and green design and a pump on top

What is the pH of glass cleaner?

I know Windex has a pH of 11

What material is used to make a stained glass window?


How can sharpie markers be removed?

bleach...if its on glass windex...windex works on fabric too some times too. depending on the color.

How do you get cleaning residue off glass shower doors?

Windex glass cleaner will clean all types of dirt and and residue from your glass shower door. You can find Windex in Walmart, Target, online and many other stores. Hope that helps!

How get glass stopper out of a glass bottle?

Grease the top of the bottle!

Can a glass bottle decay?

No a glass bottle can not decay it is like a rock

who know china glass bottle manufacturer OV Glass Group?

OV Glass Group is a professional glass bottle factory in China. It has 20 years of manufacturing history and exports to the world

How is Windex made?

Windex is hard-surface cleaner and a glass that is made by combining five ingredients. They are alcohol, ammonia-D, fragrance, solvents and detergents.

How so you clean oven glass doors?

you can use Windex glass cleaner. It works best and makes the glass on your oven door shiny.

Where does Windex come from?

Windex is a hard-surface and glass cleaner that has been manufactured since 1933. A United States company by name of S.C. Johnson acquired Windex in 1993, and has been manufacturing it ever since.

How can you clean glue or paint from glass?

Wipe with acetone or lacquer thinner, then Windex.

How do get furniture polish off a glass table top?

Try Windex or vinegar.

who know glass spirit bottle manufacturer OV Glass Group?

OV Glass Group is big china spirit bottle manufacturer

What does a glass bottle do in chemistry?

A glass bottle is used as a container for many reagents.

How do you remove double sided tape from glass?

Windex. paper towels. Small scraper. Spray Windex let set a minute. try scraping it off with the scraper, add windex as needed. Wipe clean with a paper towel.

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