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The Sony Alpha NEX-F3 is a renowned digital camera notable for its video quality and auto focus system. It is a very good camera wich is aimed at most customers, with a cheap price tag of $600.

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If you are purchasing a new camera for home movies, I would suggest getting a digital camera like Nikon that can record video because digital video cameras are very expensive. That would be the cheaper route to go.

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. So a DVR camera is just a digital video camera capable of recording video. I hope this answers your query and good luck

Any video camera made by Sony (Sony NXCAM) or Canon (XF300) should be a good quality camera that a professional photographer can use for digital video needs.

Yes, many videos are created by using a digital camera. Although, it would be a good idea to upload the video file to your computer, use a video editor, and then upload it onto YouTube so that your video will seem professional looking instead of a rough draft look.

Well it's a camera that's um digital and uh the format is the whole thing and that is it really good of you to ask it

A good quality but cheap digital camera would be the the Nikon Coolpix S6300. This camera is listed a budget camera on CNET and has been given a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The Canon compact camera has a good amount of recording time . Usually recording around 8 minutes of high quality video and the newer models that have just came out can record even more , which is alot of video time for a digital camera .

The cost - a good digital camera is fairly expensive.

Depending on what type of footage you are looking to shoot, most information is pointing to a Kodak or Canon digital video camera. Panasonic and Sony also offer some very good choices as well.

You will see a difference beteween a regular and HD digital video camera. HD offers sharper imaging quality and you will see a difference in picture quality even if you don't play it on an HD TV.

Any digital camera is a good start, HD doesn't really pertain to still photography anymore. Only video

The HVR-V1U is a good brand for Sony's digital video camera recorder. This is just one of many that Sony carries and all are very good products. Check with any retailer that sells Sony for more information.

The main difference between a digital camera and a regular camera is that a digital camera does not need film in order to work. The Canon A430 is inexpensive and a good starter digital camera. It's priced around $170 but will last you a long time.

If you own a Kodak cx7530 digital camera, do not go out and buy a video camera to film home movies. This little Kodak has a video recording function that includes an audio feed. This means that it is just as good as a video camera for most recording needs. You may not be able to film an actual movie with this camera, but it is quite good for recording memories as your children grow up. Use this around the home if you have not done so already and you can save money that you would have spent on a video camera.

The quality of the digital camera will give you much better quality compared to a disposable camera.

A good place to find a digital camera made by Nikon would be Staples. They have tons of choices and I bet they have digital cameras made by Nikon. So go take a quick look.

Yes it definitely is a good camera.

i suggest the newest Nikon D60 digital camera, it is the smallest DSLR camera and has wonderful options

Nokia is a brand of digital camera is cheap but still takes good photos. Read more at

A camera phone normally does not have as good of a lens as a digital camera and most do not have flash. They also have less resolution (lower megapixels) than a real digital camera. Their pictures are OK, but not great.

I am not sure if you are asking about a digital camera or a old style camera. If you want a good older camera that would be a Cannon as you can set the shutter speed on it. If you are talking about a digital camera then you should hold the shutter button down longer.

To purchase a pair of digital camera binoculars, you actually have quite a few choices of where to get them. Good places to look at would be Amazon, Ebay or different camera stores.

A digital camera printer can be purchased at stores like Walmart,best buy,future shop. Looking on line would before hand would be a good idea for determining fair price.

18-55mm focal lenses are very good lenses for the Samsung digital camera. Other good lenses for the Samsung digital camera are the 28-90mm and 35mm focal lenses.