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What would be a good sports bike for a beginner?


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What was posted here before was completely incorrect Beathalor is saying that you need to learn on a 250cc bike. I being an average sized guy started riding sport bikes on a 600cc R6 which is a good starter bike for a average sized person. Most women I have seen riding prefer the seat height and feel of either a 600cc GSXR or the 636 Ninja which has an even lower seat height. I advise against a inexperienced rider going out and buying a 1000cc liter bike that is just stupid, about as stupid as a 250 pound man buying a 250cc Ninja as some on here seem to think. Remember a bike is only as fast or powerful as you make it they don't go unless you twist the throttle. As long as your comfortable, can touch the ground flat footed and are physically able to hold up the bike you will be happy having a 600cc bike to grow into.