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What was posted here before was completely incorrect Beathalor is saying that you need to learn on a 250cc bike. I being an average sized guy started riding sport bikes on a 600cc R6 which is a good starter bike for a average sized person. Most women I have seen riding prefer the seat height and feel of either a 600cc GSXR or the 636 Ninja which has an even lower seat height. I advise against a inexperienced rider going out and buying a 1000cc liter bike that is just stupid, about as stupid as a 250 pound man buying a 250cc Ninja as some on here seem to think. Remember a bike is only as fast or powerful as you make it they don't go unless you twist the throttle. As long as your comfortable, can touch the ground flat footed and are physically able to hold up the bike you will be happy having a 600cc bike to grow into.

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What is the best pocket bike for a beginner?

I think that the best pocket bike for a beginner might be the baja doodlebug. It goes a good speed for a beginner and it can also help teach them about engines and upkeep of a bike. Baja is a very good brand too.

What are good websites to get dirt bikes from?

a good cheap beginner bike is Orion 125cc

What size dirt bike would be good for a 17 year old beginner that is 5'6 and 135 pounds?

a 120cc dirt bike is suitable for a 17 year old

What is a good racing bike for a beginner?

having been a beginner my self a couplke of years ago I would recommend you get your cycling legs with hybrid bike and once comfortble then get a racing bike a hybrid has a more up right stance and will hurt your bum less but is a good investment if you go for a Specialized FX series or Trek after you can do some distances regularly you will knoe what you want out of a bike

What type of exercise bike is good for a beginner?

Any exercise bike that offers variable resistance should be suitable for a beginner. It is also worth noting that advanced features such as heart rate monitors are not needed.

What is a good starting sports motorcycle?

your best bet would be a 250CC or 500CC sport bike

What is a good bmx bike for a 12 yr old?

for a 12yr that's a beginner try to go with something not to heavy focus around between 26lbs and 28lbs. I think the kink launch would be a good bike for a 12yr old or the fit am would be even better. The eastern shovelhead would be good to!

What is a good beginner dirt bike for someone 5foot 100pounds?

An older Honda XL100, XR100.

What is good dirt bike for 13 year old 5'6?

Kawasaki Kx500, any year will do, but the best bike for a beginner is a Yamaha yz490

What is a good beginners road bike?

a good beginners road bike would be a Giant. This is because they sell at low prices and are very durable. They are also good beginner road bikes because when you have decided that you want to start taking the road biking competitively, you can easily upgrade the road bike to make it fit your needs.

What is a good bike for beginner dirt-jumper?

rockey mountain flow 1.0 is the way to go

What dirt bike is best for trails?

I asked my buddy the same question. He said that a Yamaha CRF125 is a good beginner trail bike for someone that's about 5'8.

Are sapient bikes good?

Sapient bikes are a wonderful beginner bike for young BMXers.....much better than mongoose but not as good as Sunday

What is a good beginner reptile?

how would I know stupid

What is a good beginner bmx?

i would go for an eastern :)

What are good beginner skis?

any cheap, all mountain skis would suit a beginner nicely.

How fast can a 650cc sports bike go?

65mph on a good day.

What is a good beginner dirt bike?

Depends how big you are. Yamaha makes really good bikes. maybe like a ttr125 or ttr225 or yz85 or something.

Is a mongoose brawler 2009 good for a beginner if not any other cheap alternatives?

A mongoose brawler 2009 would be a good choice for a beginner, yes.

How do you get good at sports?

you train, train, train. and practice practice practice. If you are world class or a beginner you can improve in sport.

Would a bmws1000rr be a good first bike?

no not for a first bike

What brand of bike would be good for a beginner looking to ride around the neighborhood?

For casual riding like that anything goes. Department store bikes would be OK, but if something would break don't expect much help from the store, even if the bike is still under warranty. Better then to try to find a deal from your local bike shop, maybe a used trade-in or something.

Is a 1978 Suzuki ds80 any good?

the 1978 ,althou a rare bike,was,and still is a very good beginner bike,that would hold up to abuse,and was very easy to fix. I have owned one now for 4 years and for an 80 its got some power and their relatively cheap i paid $400 for mine.

What would be a beginner guitar?

A good beginner guitar is the Ibanez GSA60. Its affordable, has great sound and it seems pretty durable. I am also a beginner and just got this guitar and i love it!

What is a good beginner fixie bike?

If you haven't ridden a bike before at all I'd suggest that you don't start with a fixie. If you already know how to ride, and want to take up fixie riding, then go for a bike with front + rear brakes and good pedal-to-ground clearance(=short cranks).