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New batteries require charging before they are used. Try charging the battery with a home charger (dont let the alternator charge it as it will decrease the life of the alternator) and give it a try.

2005-08-16 16:24:05
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Q: What would be keeping a car from restarting after getting a jump if it has a new battery?
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What does Low battery mean on 2006 ford focus?

Your battery is not keeping a charge, or your alternator is going out. I would have them both tested. Autozone or Oreilly.

What would cause a 1994 Lincoln Continental to turn but not start Not the battery?

It isprobably not getting fuel or not getting spark.

Where do I buy an np40 battery?

You can get this type of battery at Wal-Mart. You could also ask your technician where he would recommend you getting the battery at. He may even have some for sale.

Would a bad alternator cause a car to die while driving?

If the alternator fails, it is no longer keeping the battery charged and your engine is running on nothing but battery power. Once the battery runs down, your engine will no longer run.

Where can I find a digital camera battery?

The best place to buy a digital camera battery would be at the same store it was purchased. By purchasing it there you have a better chance of getting the right battery.

What would cause a 1995 rodeo to not get enough amp so it could start?

Low/bad battery, bad battery connection. If the battery isn't getting fully charged you might not be able to start. If it isn't getting charged, check the alternator.

WHere can I buy a new battery for my laptop for cheap?

The safest bet would be to purchase a new battery from your laptop's dealer direrctly. This way you can ensure that you are getting a battery that is best suited for your computer.

Would a bad alternator cause a battery to go dead?

either the alternator is dischargeing the battery or it is going flat just because its not getting re charged

How effective are laptop cooling pads at keeping a laptop from getting too hot?

Cooling pads for laptops are good! I have been using them for years and before that when I wasn't I felt like my leg would burn off. I highly recommend on with battery operated so it wont effect the battery life of your laptop. They definitely are a great investment if you have a lot of work to do on your laptop.

Why would a computer keep restarting itself everytime it starts up?


How can you wire a gps system to a car battery?

I would suggest getting a GPS system installed by a professional, as it is easy to do it wrong and have dead battery problems. That can be pretty inconvenient.

Why would the battery light come on after just changing the battery?

Your alternator could be bad have it checked this could also be that the car is getting the wrong amount of volts from the battery, either too much or too less

What would cause a 1997 jimmy to for about 1 hour then stop?

Could be that your alternator is not working so you only have the power of your battery keeping you going for 1 hour.

Why would a 1996 Tracker suddenly have idle problems after replacing the battery?

Its unlikely that it is related to getting a new battery. Make sure that during the process of replacing the battery that any emissions hoses or wiring were not disturbed or disconnected.

Would alternator connectors cause a battery light to be on?

yes if one of the wires was getting an earth from the alternator cover or rubbing off the engine the battery light is really an alternator light warning you that the alternator is not charging the battery

Where can I buy a kyocera se47 battery?

To buy a battery for a camera, I would probably try the official website for Kyocera. Sometimes, companies send out extra batteries if the old battery dies ( at no cost). This is better than getting a battery at walmart and then realizing it is a different model.

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Battery or battery cables would be the first thing I would look at.Battery or battery cables would be the first thing I would look at.

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When your laptop is plugged in and charging why is it saying not charging?

My charger was broken. The green light was on but the electricity was not actually getting to my battery. That was why I had to buy a new charger before my battery would actually charge.

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The battery would likely not fit in the holder. Although it would provide the correct voltage, it would not last as long as the proper battery would.

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A Low battery could cause this - try getting a jump from someone,when it is cold the battery will, if they are low sometimes, not have the cranking power needed to turn over a cold engine. To test if your battery is low turn on your lights if the lights are dim then it is your battery.

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