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What would be making a clicking noise in a 1996 Ford Contour when the blinker is not on?


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2007-03-21 21:32:49
2007-03-21 21:32:49

Noises are impossible to correctly diagnoise unless you can hear them. I had the very same problem with my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. I had to replace the signal switch. That's what was causing the clicking in my car. Maybe you might want to get this checked out. Mine was clicking constantly and very annoying. Godd luck!! Rob I had the same problem too on my contour, and not only did I have to replace the switch, the relays need to be changed regularly. there is a short in the system, there was a recall on them when the car was new, but ford won't help you now, you'll just have to keep replacing the relays. Pain in the ***! Paula


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Are you talking about the clicking that is heard in the cabin when the turn signal is blinking? That is just an auditory reminder that your blinker is on to hopefully prevent you from leaving it on as you drive down the highway.

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Depends on where the clicking is coming from. If it's from the pedal axle, it may be adjustable. If it isn't, you need a new pedal.

if you have connected it up properly it could be just that your battery is completely flat and that when you hook up the charger some relays are getting power and making the clicking noise

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