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Sounds like a brake wear indicator. If it changes while braking then it is. Recommend a brake inspection.

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Why is there a squeaking noise when driving slow under your beetle 2000?

There might be a squeaking noise when driving slow in your 2000 Beetle because your suspension needs to be replaced. The squeaking can also come from the universal joint.

What is the recommended mileage between oil change on a jeep grand Cherokee limited?

For most driving habits, 3 months 3000 miles.

How do you know you need new driving belts?

Squeaking or tearing of the rubber on the belt

Why is the van squeaking while driving a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

It may be the fan belt.

What causes Loud squeaking noise when idle goes away when driving?

loose belts

What a squeaking noise could be when your driving your truck?

Check your ball joints and your spring hangers

Jeep Grand Cherokee snatches when driving?

If your Jeep grand Cherokee Snatches when you are driving, kindly take it to a professional mechanic to check it out for you.

What causes a whistling sound by the front wheel while driving?

Possibly a bad wheel bearing.

Your car makes a continuous squeaking sound coming from the front after about half an hour of driving. what could cause this?

te alternaor belt may be slipping causing the squeaking as it returns charge to the battery

96 Grand Cherokee shutTing off while driving?

I have a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 4.0 litre six cylinder and 4x4 transmission. It has died on me several times while driving but was only a fuse on the passenger side under the hood. It was located in the section that says TRANS. When I replaced the fuse it started right up.

When driving down the road your car makes a squeaking sound when it hits bumps in the road?

You should check the struts.

What causes a whistling sound when driving but stops when the brakes are pressed?

The whistling sound made by your car could be caused from brake dust. Another reason may be from a bad wheel bearing that needs to be replaced.

Your 1999 jeep Cherokee sport has started dying while driving why?

Check the oxygen sensor. My 1995 Grand Cherokee stopped stalling while driving after it was replaced.

A squeaking noise from the front when turning and driving on a 1999 ford expedition?

ball joints upper and lower control arm

Ford fiesta 95 squeaking squealing noise while driving from engine?

check tension on fan belt(s)

What can you do if your 93 Ford Probe is jumping out of 3rd and 5th sometimes and makes a whistling noise when driving?

The whistling noise could be a belt but I don't know about the gear jumping. Something wrong with the transmission most likely. Teeth missing.

What is the car commercial song that has whistling at the END not the Peter bjorn one?

I'm looking everywhere for proof, but the Vandals have a song called "My Girlfriends Dead" and listen to the whistling in the beginning. It's driving me NUTS! I can't find anything on it.

What is the driving distance from Atlanta GA to Cherokee NC?

160 miles

What is the driving distance from Columia SC to Cherokee NC?

about 200 miles

Limited Driving Privileges only allow driving for employment true or false?

What country?

1996 Chevy Camaro convertible with a v6 motor and whenever I'm driving there is a squeaking sound coming from the rear?

I have the same problem in my 96 Z28 convertible. I tried replacing shocks & suspension bushes, but the squeaking remains. I think it's the soft top itself.

Is driving with broken shocks on the back of my Jeep Cherokee Sport unsafe?


What is the driving distance between Victoria TX and Cherokee NC?

1080 miles

Why do your tires make a squeeling sound when driving?

Tire squeel is the result of the tires failing to grip the pavement. This is similar to plates and windows squeaking when cleaned.

After cranking up my Dodge Durango I hear a loud squeaking noise under the hood while the car is idling and the sound won't go away even when I'm driving Any suggestions on how to fix it?

try the belt No I have same problem with my 03 1500 far I have changed the belt and the tenssion pully, but still have the squeaking noise and when I turn off engin I can hear that squeaking.