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you will be over-carbureted,it will have poor throttle response and bog and hesitate at low speeds and won't run well until very high rpms. poor fuel economy and bad emmissions

500-600cfm for stock or mildly modified,650-750cfm for large cam and or head work, 800 cfm+ for full race applications

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2012-02-10 16:22:38
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Q: What would be the effects of installing to large of CFM carb on a SBC?
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Not usually.

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Where is 79 Chevy 4 barrel carb fuel filter?

it is on the front of the carb. the fuel line going to the carb goes into a large bolt that connects into the carb itself. it is right inside of it. it is very easy to get to. mine gave me no trouble at all.

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Could be the fuel pump, or the lines themselves are clogged. I would trace the lines from the tank all the way up to the carb.

How would the performance change if you changed from a 2 barrel carb to a 4 barrel carb on a stock Chevy 400ci?

A four barrel carb usually adds about 20 hp.

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