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you will be over-carbureted,it will have poor throttle response and bog and hesitate at low speeds and won't run well until very high rpms. poor fuel economy and bad emmissions

500-600cfm for stock or mildly modified,650-750cfm for large cam and or head work, 800 cfm+ for full race applications

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โˆ™ 2012-02-10 16:22:38
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Q: What would be the effects of installing to large of CFM carb on a SBC?
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Not usually.

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Do you add horsepower by installing an edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor?

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Where is the carburater on a 1998 tracker?

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Where is 79 Chevy 4 barrel carb fuel filter?

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How would the performance change if you changed from a 2 barrel carb to a 4 barrel carb on a stock Chevy 400ci?

A four barrel carb usually adds about 20 hp.

What is wrong with with a buick with a buick regal gp after installing a engine and wont start and gas not coming through gas lines?

Could be the fuel pump, or the lines themselves are clogged. I would trace the lines from the tank all the way up to the carb.

What would be the best carter carb for Plymouth 361CID engine?

a 600 or 650 CFM. carb will work great on that engine.

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Yes , but you would have to change the intake manifold also

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What other systems will be affected besides the distributor and carb if you remove the ecu and wiring harness on an 87 el camino after installing a crate 350 with hei distributor and edelbrock carb?

I know that the engine coolant temperature sensor and some of the useless emissions stuff goes to the computer but that is the only thing I can think of.

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first of all is it injectors or carb, if a carb it could be a bad accelerator pump

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How you hook up PCV valve on 350 chevy with holley 650 carb?

there should be a large vacuum source on the base of the carb. if not you'll need to tee off the one going to the power brake booster.

What cfm carb should you use on a worked Chevy 350 with 202 heads?

A 600 carb should work good up to about 5500 rpm. If you plan to rev over 5500, a 750 carb would be a better choice.