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There's actually nothing wrong with your car. If it's a late model, this is a standard feature. Most sales people aren't aware of the feature because they don't bother to read their training stuff. I used to sell Hummers and I first noticed this on H2's that had been sitting for a while. The batteries would die and as soon as you put the key in it was stuck. We'd have to put a charger on the battery before we could get the key out. Actually the batteries didn't have to be completely dead. The system was designed to kick in when the battery fell below a certain voltage. We could still run the radio but wouldn't be able to get the key out. GM explained it to us as a theft prevention device. I never really bought that but that's what they said. At any rate, it's not a malfunction if you're talking about a late model car.

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Q: What would be the matter with a car that is completely dead and the accessories would go on only before attempting to start it why wont the key come out of the ignition?
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