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What would be the problem of a 1989 Chevy Astro van if you have changed the fuel filter fuel injectors and check the spark plugs the throttle and it keeps on turning off when you reverse?



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The Exhaust System sounds clogged. To find out- Do you ever smell rotten eggs? If so- its your catalyic converter and you will need a NEW one. Also you'll need to replace the muffler, and oxygen sensor at same time. If its not the exhaust system, it could be valves/rings. You can check by looking for a thick powder type of build up that's black and it will smell like gasoline. Its found inside the tailpipe. Use your fingers to feel the inner rim of the cooled down tailpipe. If you find the black powdery sludge inside tailpipe and it smells of gas -then its the rings/valves. Not Good but, Good luck.