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Q: What would be the process if you are an American citizen married to an female illegal alien and have a child together?
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Can an illegal immigrant get documents after marriage with a us citizen?

Yes, an illegal immigrant, in the US can get married to an American citizen and obtain their documents

I am an illegal 19 yr old alien how can i become a legal citizen?

Getting married to an American citizen.

Can you marry an American citizen if you are still married to an Australian citizen?

No, that would be bigamy, and it's illegal (as in you can go to jail for it).

Is it legal or illegal if already married Indian wants to arrange his second marriage with American citizen just to obtain the American citizenship?

It is illegal.

Would it be easier to become an American citizen if you're an illegal immigrant who is married to a U.S. citizen AND your child is a U.S. citizen as well?

I believe that you're guaranteed a citizenship when you marry a citizen, but being an illegal complicates the matter.

If im illegal and married to an American citizen we want divorce and have kids together what is going to happen to me?

u can be kicked out of the country and or be put into jail and never be able to return to the us

If an illegal immigrant is married to an American citizen can that person apply for a visa?

Yes they can apply - there will be tough questions though.

What to do if us citizen married illegal alien?

Have the U.S. Citizen consult an immigration attorney in the U.S

Can an illegal resident become a legal resident if her mate is a us citizen and have two kids but is not married?

iam an American sitizen,but my spouse is illegal resident. how can i help her get lawful papers?

Can an illegal alien become a citizen without getting married with a united state citizen?

no but he can probablybecome a US citizen illegaly

If I married an illegal alien how can he become a citizen?

Contact an immigration lawyer.

How can an illegal alien who is married to a citizen become a legal resident?

Yes They Can

Can an illegal immigrant who overstayed their waiver visa get married to a U.S. citizen?


You have two u.s. citizen kids and im also married to a u.s. citizen but im illegal if you try to become legal is there a way to do it without having to go to Mexico and leave my kids behind?

my mom used to not be an American citizen, but then she took an American citizen test. if u havent tryed that, do it!

Illegal marriage of Indian lady to citizen for less than year married after citizen paid another citizen to marry Illegal firstwhat can be done?

Check with US Immigration office.

How does an American citizen bring his married British citizen to America?

Usually in an airplane.

Why would an illegal immigrant want to get married to a us citizen and then move with her back to where he was from?

Illegal immigrants, like regular people, fall in love and get married. They would move with their spouse because it is better for families to stay together in the same place.

How do you Become an American Citizen When Married to an American?

Green card holder

Can an illegal citizen married for 10yrs to a citizen get granted citizenship when getting divorced if they have 4 children that are citizens?


If an illegal alien married to a citizen wants to go to the army ca he do it?


What is the punishment for being an immigrant and filing for a residency when married to a citizen?

It's not illegal.

Can an illegal immigrant married to an us citizen with children that is their child together become legal?

Yes, but the illegal immigrant must seek a lawyer to help them become a citizen. The illegal may even have to return to their native country and await citzenship rights to the U.S. but just because an illegal marries a citizen does not give them a free pass. It may however, speed up the process.

How long can you stay in Mexico if you are an American citizen married to a Mexican citizen?

6 months

Can an American citizen get married to a Mexican citizen in Mexico?

I want to marry a girl America

Can a fiance of an American citizen legally work in the US if they are a Canadian citizen?

No, the Canadian has to be married to the American in order to live or work in America. Because you have to be married to an American to get a green card in order to do that.